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1/6 c3 3Solasnagreine
3/4 Chinese makes him more emotionally reserved than the average vulcan, that's funny!
I'm reminded of the Enterprise episode when the ferengi stripped the Enterprise before Archer, Trip, and T'Pol save the day. I wonder if they have changed over the years, not much judging by the first paragraph.
Will have to just patiently wait and see who the delegation are ...
1/1 c2 Solasnagreine
This is agony! Brain wave, why don't Starfleet blow it out the sky? They Semoran's will never know!
1/1 c2 12Kehlan
One can't help feeling sorry for the people of Al Semora, knowing their death is approaching and helpless to prevent it. I assume though that you have something up your sleeve... let's wait and see where this goes.
Well done on makng the reader care about their fate.
12/30/2020 c1 3Solasnagreine
I agree with Kehlan! I was thinking about the Prime Directive earlier today and quite frankly I don't get it. Maybe it's the compassionate person in me, if you can see someone or something suffering and you have the capacity to help you should at least try. One planet has warp capability so they get help, the other does not, so they don't, and all the potential is wasted. I am already peeking through my fingers as though the Daleks have come on screen, wanting to watch but then being too frightened!
12/30/2020 c1 12Kehlan
the Prime Directive should be torn into tiny quivering pieces, stamped on, burned alive and then the ashes shoved in the nearest black hole!
Interesting choice of characters and plot line and I look forward to seeing where you take this.
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