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for Thesis and Antithesis

5/31 c12 Matt
5/16 c12 Matt
You alive bro?
4/18 c12 Matt
Um I think you forgot the whole troll in the dungeon thing?
4/17 c12 Matt
Nice, though you need help with your past, present, and future pronouns and it’s bid, not bade.
4/11 c11 Tommy Ngoc Tran
You know, taking away house points usually happens when breaking rules, not saying the wrong answer when a teacher ask a question. Funny when Seamus explodes every time he keeps chanting. Keep updating though.
3/27 c9 Tommy Ngoc Tran
What an appetizing chapter that some Harry Potter cast gets shocked to see Minato and Minako’s appetites, hopefully Draco would be shocked to see’s Minato’s body weight after every day habits and Miyuki would tell him “You won’t able to doubt it once you take a bath with him one of these days.” Keeping on updating.
3/20 c8 Tommy Ngoc Tran
Excellent chapter so far, and how the common room sounds that embodies the color blue is quite like the velvet room when it comes to blue velvet. Also, the chalice of resurrection, it could sound like it refers to the Chalice of the Beginning from Fire Emblem Three Houses (that Mitsuru’s voice Tara Platt who played Edelgard) or the Holy Grail from Once Upon a Time. Keep up the good work and keep updating.
3/15 c7 Matt
Oh what an idiot, the only manipulative trickster is his dad.
3/14 c7 Matt
Also get a beta to help with your spelling.
3/14 c7 Matt
I think you meant chooses.
2/11 c5 Matt
Where’s Harry at? What happened to his parents?
1/19 c3 Matt
Hope this Goro dies sooner.
1/16 c3 Tommy Ngoc Tran
Breaking a chess piece by another does sound barbaric these days, but it a very good chapter to see a son and father bonding experience, especially their looks and youth.
12/31/2020 c1 QOC01
This is a really good story, I can tell already!
12/29/2020 c1 Guest
the name is Delphina, just saying

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