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5/22 c1 agentmeister
Great job; I really enjoyed this.
1/6 c1 55evenstar8705
I love this story. I never thought Ziyal had the chance to step food on Cardassia in my head but I know I could easily be wrong. My favorite part was the grandmother’s words. It must have been tough on her to be married to a man labeled a traitor and to raise a son like Dukat. She sounds insanely reasonable considering the circumstance. She’s spot on too. I’d love to hear more about that character!
1/2 c1 24Six of Twelve
Good story that fills a plot hole I always wondered about.
12/31/2020 c1 28Iniki Melset
This is one of the best post-Indiscretion stories I have read so far. Showing Cardassia from Ziyal's point of view, the vivid descriptions of both Dukat's wife and mother are excellently done. The author has even formulated a phrasing used when disowning a family member...

The idea that some rituals from the old times "The Wall of Longing" have been preserved is interesting as well as valid, as is the parallel drawn between Cardassian worldview and architecture. Beautifully done!

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