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6/14 c3 brandiz430
hahah loved it want more hugs
4/11 c3 Styx148
So I checked your page then remembered this. Aren't you gonna update cause that would be cool.
3/19 c3 23Elaelle
J'aime ton histoire mais s'il te plaît, que stiles ne pardonne à personne, jamais ! Qu'il envoie chier tous ces connard et ne les autorise jamais à s'approcher de sa famille et de sa meute, quel que soit leurs fausses explications ou excuses, ils n'en ont aucune. Vu leur incompétence, cela doit être un sacrée bordel à beacon hills. Kate doit y faire des ravages, tant mieux.
3/6 c3 drapiezne.wroble
Love all your works. Would totally liketo know what happens next in this one :)
2/3 c3 Guest
Please write more of this and ur other teen wolf stories im not very good at waiting patiently and there are 3 im waiting on that are awesome and i would love more of
1/26 c3 2HellHound-1997
this is great, I love this so much. I genuinely cannot stop smiling because of how cute this is. wonderful job I love this, cannot wait for the next update.
1/25 c3 vampire moonlight
love this please update soon!
1/23 c3 1mayawene
Mdr Leia IS si cute
1/8 c3 Guest
Please tell me u are writing more for this story i absolutely love stiles and peter and then u added kids. Please tell me that the other father dies a terrible death and that be bh pack and stiles dad get theirs
1/10 c3 ThePerfectLostGirl87
Leia is a fucking princess and we stan her
1/5 c3 Guest
Lots of fun so far :) looking Forward to reading more
1/7 c3 APridefulSin
Leia really wants those pigs...
1/4 c3 Guest
Are we sure she isnt peters bloodthirsty little thing i love it more please and thank you from this story and the others
1/6 c1 Dracomigha
I like this story. Do more of this one please.
1/1 c3 Guest
Omg! Are we sure shes not peters? This is great please continue this. I love ur stories and am (im)patiently waiting for more from them all thanks
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