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for Lucemon Potter

5/4 c5 Guest
Please update soon! And have the Royal Knights appear more!
2/21 c5 Argonaut986
The Cerberus only growled at them? Perhaps Fluffy could sense Lucemon’s true nature?
2/13 c4 Argonaut986
Lucemon is going to go far.
2/12 c4 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
1/17 c1 Guest
Lucemon is literally digital Satan. He could wipe out the entire planet if he felt like it, so why is the chief of the Seven Great Demon Lords going to go through the motions of a Harry harem fic?

I'll repeat, he's digital Satan.
1/17 c3 Argonaut986
Founder’s suites are an interesting concept.
1/2 c2 ThunderClaw03
Great job keep it up. I wonder how the year is going to turn out, with all your changes. Update when you can
1/2 c2 Argonaut986
Lucemon has earned Neville’s respect, as well as gained a new friend.
12/30/2020 c1 Argonaut986
No first encounter with Snape, yet. Will you, at least, use part of my suggestion, regarding Lucemon apologizing to Snape, on behalf of his(Lucemon’s) father?
12/29/2020 c1 ThunderClaw03
Great job keep it up. Wow interesting start to your story. Update when you can

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