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for Avatar: Ragnarok

1/13 c11 X3runner
Is gohan doing any training while they are moving or is at leadt toph helping him with any training at Least basic combat training . Hell I. Theory she could make weighted wristbands and boots by bending earth to its maximum density and shaping it hell you could even have her make him a weighted headband that just so happens to be red like bardocks
1/13 c11 dcsonic10
Amazing Chapter! Quick question though will Aang and the rest make an appearance in the next chapter?
12/6/2022 c1 1Matt Tannenbaum
Shen sounds like an absolute prick. Somebody who you would not want to hang out with if you had even an ounce of self respect.
11/12/2022 c10 Hitsugana
This has been an excellent read so far. I really hope you keep it up! I'm interested in finding out how Gohan begins his training. I'll be following for sure. Thanks for writing this.
10/19/2022 c10 3Elchico 64
Great chapter! I wonder how Gohan will learn to use Ki and fly when he started his training with Piccolo.
Will Gohan have a master like Jeong Jeong?

This story is amazing. Hope you update soon.
8/9/2022 c1 8M0b1uz
I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't leave a review for your fanfic. Gohan on the Avatar's world always works well. Gohan's just so compatible with the Gaang, being so shy and never having friends his age. I can't wait to see Gohan perform feats of strength that will make Sokka feel jealous.

This idea that Gohan can see the future felt arbitrary at first, but technically so can Aang, and even Bardock. I personally feel iffy about precogs, since they potentially ruin the suspense; but if done right like in Avatar, recognition can set up even more suspense.

Kind of confused by that last vision, which implies that either Gohan is looking for Aang or Korra at some point in the future, and yet is already living through events during Book 2. I guess I'll have to see how you work this out.
7/14/2022 c9 jonathonne
more more
7/9/2022 c9 X3runner
I dug that Shen reacted so quickly shows that she and gohan are siblings in all but blood with that whole eww he’s like my brother type thing. Was that whole flying throng a hint that gohan might start to learn/brute force his way towards flying?
4/3/2022 c8 jonathonne
when aang might show up in the story
4/2/2022 c8 X3runner
I dig gohan having one of this signature rage moments , which I really miss in super. Aldo I like how toph got forced to open up a bit about her thoughts on her friends especially on gohan but she was given breathing room at the end to keep her thoughts about him and how he makes her feel to herself until she’s ready to verbalize it. Also I do like that they each learned a lesson that would retains to them as individuals is a good thing. The lesson gohan learned was a softer version of the one he learned with the permanent death of 16 . Hoping he gets the whole “ it is because you cherish life, that you must protect it.”
4/2/2022 c1 2Bapu-chale-sasural
so, a typical toxic teen, brainwashed by shitty isekai harem manga with only female companions.
12/22/2021 c7 dcsonic 10
Have u seen the new Sonic Trailers?! Two more questions If you were Itachi what would do differently about the Coup? And who are your favorite pairing of the Naruto Series?! If your wondering mine are the canon couples of the Naruto series! Such as ObiRin and NaruHina Etc.
12/22/2021 c7 dcsonic 10
Will Gohan and Toph get together as the series progresses?! Are Aang and the Others at Omashu?! Does Gohan still have his tail?
12/20/2021 c7 X3runner
I hope gohan can get through the slump he’s in. I also kinda hope that sometimes death is a part of life and struggle no matter how much we wish it wasn’t becoming more like his future of trunks self . That when the time comes he is both ready and willing to do what he must. I like that we are seeing growing pains in the group it feels natural. I’m also hoping that gohan gets the idea that if he becomes strong enough the treat that power poses would be enough to keep what happened with the sand bender from happening kinda like the concept behind MAD
9/23/2021 c6 jonathonne
great chapter. more more
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