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for Days of Iowa

1h c11 26angie1379
Such a solemn chapter. Your pacing is so beautifully meticulous and shows the incremental cracking of her resolve. Knowing what’s coming, with her confession of her true feelings in STV3, this feels so real and honest.
2/23 c10 Guest
Excellent chapter!
2/22 c10 Iciclebuns
Oh, Angela! This sucks so bad!
2/21 c10 47GoldenGirlSherry
UGH Tony is getting on my nerves. And as Angela told Mona: "It's beginning to get a little thin." Great job!
2/20 c10 26angie1379
Such an honest, even raw, chapter. You can see the edges of Angela’s resolve starting to fray, and you description of her mixed feelings is spot on. The coupons were a perfect metaphor for so much of what she’s feeling, and you make it so real and relatable.
2/19 c9 Iciclebuns
"Being mindful to keep her expression unchanging" - CRAAAAAAP, this hurts! You've got my heart on a string, here, love.
2/18 c9 angie1379
You have so perfectly captured what could have/must have been happening in between the scenes we saw in the finale. It must have been so hard for Angela to give up everything about who she is, in order to be there for Tony. She wanted so badly for it to work and to be able to support him as he did her for so many years. But her decision to move to Iowa required so much personal sacrifice, and despite her best efforts, you can see the cracks in her resolve begin to spread. Thank you for continuing to bring her experiences and emotions to life.
2/18 c9 47GoldenGirlSherry
Great chapter but it seems like Angela is just going through the motions.
2/17 c9 Guest
Excellent chapter! Thanks.
2/17 c9 16stayathomemum
She really should bring up the baby idea with Tony.
2/8 c8 Iciclebuns
It's not a fluffy chapter. It's a necessary transition, like the 2nd Lord of the Rings movie. You're setting the stage, and I can't wait to watch!
2/7 c8 Guest
Excellent writing. I have enjoyed each chapter! I am looking forward to reading more as you have time. Thanks.
2/7 c8 47GoldenGirlSherry
Cute and sweet little chapter for the two of them. But, I have a feeling trouble is coming.
2/4 c7 GoldenGirlSherry
Well it looks like Angela is trying to make things work. But alas it won't be easy. Well done!
1/25 c7 Iciclebuns
Ohlff! This is so sad - and staggeringly relatable. The things we do to belong. What a person to lose...
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