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for A Rebellion Reborn

10/14 c6 Mr.Macconto
Quick Question, Do you have a schedule for what stories you are working on or do you just do whatever ones you have ideas for?
8/4 c6 spartanlastre
I loved ,the best star wars I have read I like the development of ezra how sad rex the weight of decisions but I am left with the doubt that happened with Sabine ? ¡

In any case, I will look forward to the next chapter
and honestly if it takes you two years two years I will wait for the update it is very good
and maul is very worrying i love it
7/26 c2 Atomic R4y
I like how you write HK's point of view. Ironically it feels very natural to how a droid in the Star Wars galaxy would think. Good job on that!
7/22 c6 crispybear
Nice update! You wrote this really well. Everything blends well together.

There are so many interesting and puzzling details that are drawing me in…Really like where are taking this. Please keep it up!

Looking forward to where you take this next.
7/22 c6 PaulTheApostle
Absolutely brilliant as always mate! Loved the flashbacks to Ezra's past as well as Ezra's new development into becoming a jedi master of sorts. Honestly can't wait to see where you take this next!
4/28 c5 PaulTheApostle
Absolutely brilliant as usual! So happy that Rex and Ezra have finally re-met! Can't wait to see where you take this next!
4/27 c5 Hmmm
Nice update.

Really like the symmetry of Ezra's past and present reflecting Kanan's experiences with him. I hope that we get Sabine soon AND it's a Ezrabine story.

Looking forward to see where you take this next.
4/27 c5 Just asking
Are you going to have Ezra and Sabine get together
4/27 c5 5CX-P Wren
Absolutely love this story, dying to know what happened to Ezra for him to drop everything. And what's up with Sabine? 'same as usual'? Very interesting story, can't wait to read the next chapter!
3/22 c4 PaulTheApostle
Absolutely brilliant mate! Loved every last word of it! Can't wait to see where you take this next!
3/21 c4 crispybear
Nice update. There is A LOT going on here and you mix the elements really well. There are so many delicious plot holes and questions that I hope get answered as it goes forward: Ezra/Dev’s backstory, what happened with the Rebellion, but more importantly, with Sabine?

Looking forward to the next chapter!
2/13 c3 PaulTheApostle
Absolutely brilliant mate! Loved it! Can't wait for the next chapter!
2/12 c3 Hmmm
Really interesting direction you are taking this. The flashbacks help fill in some of the details and questions. Very curious about what went down between Ezra and Sabine.

Look forward to Rex's rescue.
2/12 c3 2Conor-SWC
Really interested in seeing where this story goes, looking forward to the next chapter :)
1/28 c2 Joyeuse X
The formatting is not strong with this one. Just so you are aware: wall of text.
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