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for Fear the Superhero

8/5 c16 Guest
Here long after the chapter got pulled, so I confess I don't really understand what all the current drama is about... still, considering this fic was already kinda... well, let's just say, 'mediocre' at best, gotta say, this really ain't a positive look!

Side note - 'cloudflare' or whomever they are can kindly go f**k themselves. -_-
8/2 c16 Daggerxxx
Fear the Superhero
And what then to be afraid of? Superhero on the cheap?
7/28 c16 Magsarion
The reviews are full of criticism and hate, but some of them actually make an excellent point: This is the Mind of Steel Shirou, Second Magus Killer, an incarnation of Kiritsugo who would do anything in order to win the grail war. He wouldn't let a master live knowing they would try to get revenge.

Now I may not know what happened but just from the reviews I already know it wasn't great.

Rin being alive? Not gonna argue with that, that's just a whole can of chaos waiting to be unleashed. In Chapters 1-15, Shirou has been portrayed as a passive character, merely following along with the flow. Karusuba has not made any progress in character development, still similar to canon. Their relationship has been stale and lackluster. You haven't done anything to make them interact with each other beyond that battle with the apostle and the lemon scene.
7/28 c16 ocomolinaehain
So, I have no idea what happened, but I hope you don’t let any hate from the hardcore fate fans get to you! I’ve loved the story so far and know that I will continue loving it!
7/28 c16 Lancer ga shinda
As usual, people on both sides of the argument are overreacting.

No, the author isn't a coward who should just run away to another website. If he wants to take down a chapter to save him some stress, so be it. I don't care.

No, it's pretty stupid to flat out ignore all negative reviews. You're not going to grow as a writer if all you listen to is the blind adorations of yes-mans. Toxic reviewers that just want to flame should be ignored, yes, but I can see some that are just expressing their frustration, and some that are even being constructive in their criticism.

Now that that's out of the way, here's what I think of the chapter... yeah, it was a bit of a letdown. Sorry, Dolef. Hope it gets better moving forward.
7/24 c16 Orchardk
While I haven’t read the newest chapter (16) and I’ll wait for you to repost it rather than read it elsewhere, I have been enjoying your story so far and look forward to your next update!
7/24 c16 1Insane Wombat
So, wait, you got upset over written text on the internet and...decided to pull down a chapter because you couldn't handle it?

Jesus. Don't work in retail, they'd eat your ass alive.

I hate to tell you this, but much like you have full control over the story; people have full control over what they say about it here. No matter what is said. If you want more dicksucking, go to RoyalRoad or SpaceBattles and stay there.
7/22 c16 MeteorElDrago
To all haters go fuck yourselves and your pathetic and useless lives. Ignore the gnats that try and make you give up keep doing what you do it's great and we can't wait for the next chapter.
7/19 c16 Seta
Wait why was the chapter removed? I'm a bit confused o.o Also what does QQ and SB stand for?
7/18 c16 Im a guest
Wait im genuinely confused. What was so bad about chapter. I had go back and see if there was a new one posted that i didnt see. Its a fanfix, not everything has to be accurate.
7/18 c16 IAmRene
Wth, here I was about to reread the chapter ,just to know it's gone because of hateful reaction huh. sadge. You people need to grow up lmao.
7/16 c16 19Special FX
Hey man, I just wanted to say that I thought the chapter was fine. Some of the ‘criticisms’ here just sound like people being angry the story isn’t going exactly how they want it to. Don’t pay them any mind and just write what you want. Most of the clowns here hating couldn’t write a halfway decent story to save their lives anyway. Just my two cents from one writer to another.
7/16 c16 Guest
What a fucking coward. Can't take the criticism, so you delete the chapter and flee over to Spacebattles where your echo chamber can jerk you off. Spacebattles isn't a fanfic website, it's a place for fake intellectuals to argue over fictional fight debating. While you're over there getting sucked off in a circlejerk, maybe you can learn how to write a better story.
7/15 c16 ElYoker2002
I have this question since the last chapter, just how? How is Rin alive?

I’m not gonna talk about the other things that people are talking about, it’s a waste of time, so I’m going right to point of the question.

Using the little amount of text that we have for Mind of Steel Shirou a the Modus Operandi os Archer we can assume he prioritize the efficiency above most things, so with that clear we can assume that he will prioritize the elimination of the Masters instead of the Servants.

So, since Shirou kill Sakura we have Kojiro, Medea, Cu, Saber and now Medusa are dead, that means we have Heracles, Emiya, Hassan and Gilgamesh alive, ok, considering that Illya will join Shirou that means Heracles would be in the front with Shirou protecting Illya or not, cause they have Sella and Liz with them.

So in the case of Rin and Archer will past something similar that happen in the Fate Route, so meanwhile Emiya and Heracles are Fighting, the most efficient way to act are killing Rin, with that Emiya only will have his own magical energy, so even if he use UBW with Heracles that would kill he; it’s only logical to think in that way.

And something similar will happen with Hassan and Gil, Heracles tank them and kill them if he can, something that will happen 100% in the case of Hassan, meanwhile Liz and probably Shirou goes for Kirei with Sella and Illya being the back support.

That’s the most efficient and logical way to think about what would happen in that Route, so I genuinely have the question of why Rin is still alive; please don’t misunderstand me.
7/15 c16 LazorTieger
Yooo wtf did u dumbasses in the comment section do
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