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12/6 c21 Eating Upside Down
It’s funny, people call it “love and passion” even when it’s an interest that barely made it 5 years. I’m just joking. It’s just sad to feel more interested and engaged in the author, even if it’s not true. It’s like clearing your schedule, changing your plans, bailing on your friends to hang with someone who doesn’t really care.

Anyways, all I can say is thanks for continuing this story and I wish you the best.
12/2 c21 Guest
I am reminded of 2 thought experiments. The first is the trolley problem. Where you have 2 tracks one with 5 people on it, the other with one person on it. There is a train heading on the track with 5 people on it. But there is a switch on the track. Do you pull the switch and kill 1 person to save 5.

A variant of the problem that I have heard is this. You have 5 people in a hospital in need of immediate organ transplant to survive and a healthy guy in the hospital with all the necessary organs for the 5 to survive, but would not survive loosing the organs. Should you harvest the organs of 1 person to save 5.

I personally would pull the lever but not harvest the organs, but I think the shirou in this story would pull the lever and harvest the organs.
11/28 c21 Iron II
I wonder if Shattered Blades returning will bring this back, inspiring Xolef to write more Fate x Sekirei content. Or if it will have the opposite effect, given someone else can now scratch his Shirou x Karasuba itch.

Either way, looking forward to the next update.
11/28 c21 Guest
Heh... ngl, the reviews are probably the most entertaining thing about this fic..!

I mean, kudos to the author for at least ATTEMPTING to overcome the "hiatus curse"; still, either way, it's not like we'd really be losing out on much... some stories are maybe better just quietly fading away.
10/20 c21 GrumpyGrue
Typo in my earlier review. Should be spelled 'naivete' instead. I added a superflous e after the i.

Shirou didn't ask for Minato's pushy help. All Minato's Sekirei stood around and screeched when Shirou and Karasuba worked their magic at the hospital. Lol.

Minato didn't even say no-homo after kissing Homura on his mouth. Poor Homura being forced to be gay and transsexual to Minato of all people, and kinda sad if he turns female like canon. I mean, more hot females is good, but it's bad because forcing a guy to be that is really messed up. I've seen a FSN/Sekirei crossover where Homura turns more manly instead, it makes him happy. "A Soul of Fire" iirc

Uzume did try to tip off Shirou about Higa, but sucks for her she was a traitor informant until the eleventh hour, prioritizing nothing but Chiho until then. If Uzume came clean earlier instead of last-minute, the hospital getting blown up might have been avoided. Can't feel that bad for her. Only regret is that Uzume hot, but now dead. A cooling corpse. Hands off Shirou's kill, Rin! Find some live sekirei to vivisect instead.

Rin is salty, talking smack behind backs, trying to make everyone suspicious of Shirou. Rin's probably jelly that Shirou has hot alien gf. Now she's trying to turn Miya lesbian, like Gary Oak picking the diametrically opposed starter Sekirei.

Takami too dumb to live. Shirou is in the right to kill Takami in self-defense by this point. Too bad Takami's vendetta hasn't spilled over to people in proximity to Shirou, that'd probably motivate Shirou like Vergil, and kill Takami with extreme prejudice. Vergil Emiya. Their longcoat kinda matches even if the color scheme doesn't match enough. White hair and swords.

Takami might have an execution coming to her anyways, for abiding Sekirei agenda for so long. Even Minaka has been more helpful to Shirou than Takami, and he's usually the crazy antagonist is in most Sekirei fanfics. Feels like he's a lot saner than Takami by not poking the sleeping bear, and handing out plane tickets. He might even die last, if not gtfo and have a nice retirement with all his money.

Takami called Homura an unreasonable donkey. And she called Yukari a stupid girl. Takami is way more unreasonable than Homura, and that stupidity Yukari has looks like a shared family trait.

There's a line in this chapter "She was an idiot to think that girl would be able to stay out of trouble" Takami is an idiot, but not just for that thought alone. She's takes Shirou's existence awfully personal. Considering Minato is an ashikabi, there's no way Minato is going to stay out of trouble. Not surprising when Takami is secretive with her family.

Being a helpful mom is one thing, but Takami acts like Shirou is the devil, for coming near her baby boy with a gun, and then not shooting him. In a 'game' of superpowered waifus killing each other, Shirou's actions look reasonable. Takami is the weird one for expecting Shirou to treat Sekirei deathmatches like official pokemon battles. Even Magi have more common sense, when fighting Holy Grail wars.

Homura has good reason to hate MBI, he can't be put in the same catagory as Takami. He has good reason to hate his biological processes. He's an unmarried adult man, without progeny, and should be free to choose how he dies. Was real messed up of Minato to steal that last bit of agency from him.

You don't have to be the Magus Killer to hatch an assassination plot more imaginative, less traceable than how Takami arranged a hit.

A crayon-eating child could come up with a better plan than Takami, especially with MBI's resources. Assuming Karasuba would die through losing her link to Shirou, makes sense. Takami's plan didn't have a good backup plan. And hinged too much on Shirou dying right away, when Karasuba was right there with him and could intervene. Unless the chauffeur had a death wish, or a real daredevil, I imagine the moment her gets out of the car to start fleeing, Karasuba punches out the door, and drags Shirou to be in front of the accomplice to the assasination effort. Unless he's a male sekirei, I can't imagine the driver getting far. He didn't jump out when they were right at a cliff or something, it looked like a checkpoint in a city iirc.

So on the off-chance Takami's plan failed, her head might as well be on a platter sooner rather than later. Unless she stays a bigger NEET than Matsu, and keeps a bodyguard around while hidden indoors at all times. Shirou could kill her hiding in an underground bunker anyways if he really wanted to.

A MBI driver leaping out of his car and hightailing it, is a dead giveaway. Sus. That kind of assassination not succeeding on the first attempt, is asking to get hunted.

At first glance, a mom freaking out about her son being almost murdered sounds reasonable, but Takami had ample opportunities to open dialogue beyond threats, yet she railroads murder as if it was her best or only option.

Minato wasn't killed, yet Takami still tried assassinating an unknown, without knowing if killing Shirou would bring a shitstorm. For someone ignorant of the moonlit world, and couldn't get a handle on Shirou, it wasn't the worst murder attempt, but it was a terrible idea for a murder that also includes Karasuba in the entourage, as a target by proxy. If she pretended that it was some enemy setup that has nothing to do with her, she might have gotten away with it even if they suspect her. But now, she all but admitted to trying to kill them. Takami is good as dead for her hubris.

If it came down to it, Shirou could just pull all the other disciplinary squad into his reality marble and kill them. Maybe not the best idea if there is surveillance on him, no bounded field set up the way Rin made peeping Matsu mad while Rin bullied Shirou at the inn. But what can MBI do even if they saw 'mysteries'? Nobody but another magus would be able to easily rationalize a bunch of swords flying around, except by pointing the finger at Karasuba getting a norito, probably.

Earlier than that, Takami attributes a large explosion to Shirou while he was far from fleeing Sekirei and Ashikabi, despite not knowing the exact method Shirou blows up his target. Does Takami pick this method of assassinating Shirou, thinking it'd look natural to someone who might know Shirou, since he used an explosive earlier to kill people?

Choosing such an overt assassination attempt was still suboptimal, it tipped her hand in its failure. She potentially annoyed not only Karasuba, but a guy who can blow people up from a distance (Caladbolg II or Raiga's vehicle trunk gifted weapons?)

Takami doesn't know if Shirou has backers, doesn't know if there'll be blowback by trying to kill Shirou, a man that displayed resourcefulness and brutality beyond the average ashikabi. Maybe Matsu has good overwatch around the Inn, but Shirou was far from the Sekirei and Ashikabi he exploded in an earlier chapter, that time MBI intervened and Takami had her freakout when Shirou did not shoot her kid.

Shirou could blow up Izumo inn, the same way, from a distance, while Minato is in that inn, if Shirou was actively hostile towards Minato. Kills his Sekirei too, if they're inside. Many birds with one stone.

It'd make more sense if Takami engineering Shirou's defeat happened from an earlier point in the fic, based on her assuming that hostility was inevitable, based on Minaka forcing the issue or something. Shirou's higher degree of competence and willingness to get his hands dirty.

But instead, we see "RAWR, Shirou came close to my son so I'll try killing him for that!" I don't see why Takami couldn't have tried murdering Shirou earlier? Did she want to Shirou kill every other ashikabi first? What is stopping Shirou from killing Minato, in a chance encounter, since they are in the same city?

Shirou and Minato shopped at the same grocery store like they had earlier in this fic, around the same time, that's something Takami would have already freaked out over, isn't it? Assuming she chooses to view the expenditures of cardholders, and I think it's a fair assumption given Takaki personally went to interrogate Shirou at the start of this fanfic. And having seen Sekirei accompany people to the store, like when Shirou went to the store with Uzume when Miya requested help, fights between Sekirei COULD happen on the way?

Granted, at the time that Shirou had met Minato, they were at the store without sekirei, so Shirou didn't suspect Minato of being ashikabi. But Takami wouldn't know what Shirou knows. For all Takami can tell, Shirou could have been scoping out Minato, and already knew about Minato. Maybe in Takami's mama bear delusions, Shirou has some fetish about talking to his targets before he kills them.

Higa is a rich guy, and has access to brain-type Sekirei of his own, so is there any reason to believe that Higa wouldn't know, if his sekirei can hack into MBI like Matsu does, and get info on which Sekirei are winged, or their whereabouts? Like from public cameras, to find Sekirei out in public, and by extension: suspected routes and domeciles? Higa is someone who can easily be arrange an 'accident' for other ashikabi. But you don't see Takami trying to kill other Ashikabi to give Minato a handicap. She singles out Shirou. If anyone is the psycho, it's Takami. Takami makes Karasuba look sane. MBI is endorsing sekirei to kill each other, and providing them the means to do it with only a few caveats. Sounds psycho to me. Karasuba may even be more humane in comparison to Takami.

For killing Karasuba and Shirou, bombing a place, or vehicle that isn't closely linked to MBI and Takami, makes more sense. If Shirou was seen driving the the car that Raiga gave to Shirou for his convenience...that's one thing to possibly hook bombs to. If Takami doesn't mind bombing a place that could also hurt bystanders, plant bombs around where Shirou grabs groceries, and call it a gas leak? Many options available. Shirou blowing up a place in public earlier in the fic to fight Sekirei, was covered up by MBI as a gas leak, so I don't see why Takami couldn't have tried something similar, instead of going full-retard (Tropic Thunder reference). At least Takami recognizes Minato is "special".

Takami could have tried to frame Shirou as a suicide bomber, after his death, publicize Shirou's death with the second meaning of being a deterrent to anyone who might be sponsoring Shirou. But with how that could draw people out of the woodwork, looking into Shirou's death, it could backfire, since people might want to know who killed the son of the Magus Killer. Shirou was called to trial, for the death of that mook in the magus association, so if some nobody like her could result in Shirou's interrogation, I imagine Takami would be culled just for knowing about aliens.

As for Matsu tracking Shirou by his phone's GPS, Matsu said that she would guess a car for being the reason he's moving fast, but doesn't know how he's avoiding traffic without issues. Has she heard of a motorcycle? Those are more compact than cars, can be capable of high speeds.

Motorcycle Lane splitting (aka filtering) is legal in many places in Japan. There are people who speed while they lane split. And if the roads are completely clogged, maybe he's driving on sidewalk. And there's the possibility of Shirou being carried by a sekirei that isn't Karasuba. Multiple sekirei were accusing Shirou of having another hidden sekirei, while he used his magecraft in the hospital, closing vents and some other things with metal. So I'd say that Matsu wasn't thinking hard enough.

Moving through traffic at high speed, doesn't sound suspicious, when these are possible. Maybe if his movement pattern through his chosen path is odd even for his speed, but this wasn't explicitly stated. Not sure if Shirou can ride a motorcycle. Closest thing I remember is Artoria riding in Fate Zero.

Takami's interrogation of Shirou at the start of the fic, when guns are found in his luggage, does make me understand that she doesn't want to deal with trying to question Shirou again, so I can't say that Takami's isn't understandable, but her patience, logic and temper all suck. And Takami barely even tried interrogating Shirou, she skipped all other means of trying to gather info. Takami clutched her idiot ball like a lifeline. Naturally bloodthirsty, but not charming like how Scathach does it.
10/18 c20 GrumpyGrue
Minato is that dumb. Way selfish of Minato to do that, drama queen...drama king Minato? It sounds very fair for Homura to want to remain himself, and not selfish to want to go on his own terms, even if others care about him.

Minato made it about himself. Homura explained his side of things clearly, so it's all on Minato for refusing to listen. Even Shirou, the dense guy he was before, grew out of naievete. That's horrifying. Homura's fate was horrifying, even more than the many gruesome bad ends Nasuverse has. Few things are worse, like being puppeted by the corrupted holy grail. A quicker death over the course of days, and also taking some measure of vengeance, is by far preferable to body horror, and loss of free will.

Like mother, like son. Minato and Takami are horrible people. Minato has his good moments, but this here...would make anyone with a lick of sense be wary of Minato. His judgement is morally repugnant.
10/18 c18 GrumpyGrue
Rin's thoughts about Shiro's way of thinking, is in direct contradiction to what Shirou had told Karasuba while they shared a bath in the onsen at Izumo Inn. The conversation before the lemon, a few chapters back.

Shirou was telling Karasuba that the world isn't black and white in terms of morality. Rin in this chapter seems to think otherwise, as if she thinks she knows how Shirou thinks.

Rin never got the memo? Maybe Rin thinks this because it's indicative of her interactions with Shirou in the past, but as of now, Rin comes across as completely in the wrong. Nothing but a brat in need of correction, working on info that is YEARS out of date, on the assumption that her former classmate is still the same person even now. I can't tell if this is a deliberate choice on the author's part, of if it's unintentional, but it makes Rin look like an utter moron. Not that I have anything against that, magi tend to be full of themselves. Staunchly traditional, incorrigible, and generally bad people. Rin's time in Clock Tower seems to have not done her any favors.
10/5 c10 Foxfire1215
She is kind of an idiot. Maybe an idiot-savant. Not her fault of course; she just doesn’t have the same concerns as everyone else due to 1.) being an alien that is for the most part incapable of empathy, and 2.) having never learned or needed to learn to provide for herself due to a multi-billion dollar company doing it for her. This results in someone who is socially impaired, bereft of essential life skills that are necessary to take care of herself, and especially good at the one part of life she was encouraged to be skilled in, and is especially genetically suited for. Swordsmanship, combat, murder.
9/29 c21 TheRaiderKing
Wish I'd found this a long time ago its very very good, you've done a great job creating something so incredible. I honestly didn't think anyone would put serious effort into a crossover like this after InFlight so thank you for that. I understand this Shirou is pretty broken even compared to Heaven's feel but if so why doesn't he kill Minato when he can? I guess im just dumb but considering his character here and his motivations it seems ooc for him to not kill Minato and end the whole thing faster.

I wish this was a lot longer tbh (it is just that good)and continued after the plan's conclusion. I hope we get more fluff between Shirou and Karasuba before the end tho and I hope they win despite it looking like they will lose to the "good guys"; bad or morally ambiguous characters never win in fanfiction so I hope they do here. I can't wait for the next update!
9/9 c21 2BrazeRancor
Wonderful work! Mind Of Steel Shirou really is exactly that kinda guy. That said Minato being at the tender mercies of Rin would probably make him wish Shirou HAD killed him.

Thanks for your hard work.
9/7 c1 Guest

Go die in a ditch somewhere you b*tchass fag...

(Seriously, how much of a fcking loser do you have to be to try & resurrect a dead meme in a fanfic, of all places..?!
8/24 c1 Greylightning14
WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning! Once there was a little girl called Clarissa, she was ten-years-old and she lives in a mental hospital, because she killed her mom and dad. She got so bad she went to kill all the staff in the hospital so the More-government decided that the best idea was to get rid of her so they set up a special room to kill her, as humane as possible but it went wrong the machine they were using went wrong. And she sat there in agony for hours until she died. Now every week on the day of her death she returns to the person that read this letter, on a Monday night at 12:00 a.m. She creeps into your room and kills you slowly, by cutting you and watching you bleed to death. Now send this to ten other pictures on the site, and she will haunt someone else who doesn't. This isn't fake, apparently, if you copy and paste this to ten comments in the next ten minutes you will have the best day of your life tomorrow…!..
8/1 c21 Erstwhile
HOLY SHIT! Okay this interpretation of Shirou x Karasuba is now my all-time fav. Mind of Steel Shirou CAN love Karasuba, because as an extension of himself, he will never be put into a situation where he has to choose between Karasuba and the Majority. He can always, always choose to save the Majority but he will never lose Karasuba. He gets to affirm the mentality that broke him further like this, and his path will continue to bring him misery, but it will never be because of Karasuba.

And Karasuba finally has someone passive enough like Househusband EX Shirou to play along with her own brand of eccentricity, and yet bloodied enough as MoS Shirou to empathize, if not understand her own distorted view. She gets to continue her own path of wickedness while indulging in the love that Yume preached to her so often. And regarding Minaka's statement from a few chapters back, Shirou's Od seems to be exponentially empowering her crest, so as time passes and she continues to grow she'll be able to indulge in her battle-lust against other Type-Moon characters, provided they're not too far out of her reach.

They are both worse off and yet more stable than ever with each other. A match made in an Oasis in Hell. How do we call such a ship anyway? Mind of Blackened Steel? Either way, while their dynamic looks similar to Kiritsugu and Maiya, there are a lot of differences which makes me love this Shirou and Karasuba so much more.

I'll be looking forward to the upcoming chapters! Well done, well done!
7/30 c21 Ermano
Great and interesting story. Glad i stumbled upon this
7/23 c21 Guest
So looks like it's Karasuba vs Musubi, and Shirou vs ? My bet is on Miya. How awesome would that be. Please make it happen author-san, it would be nice to see the fight that Matsu interrupted that one time.
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