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for Invisible Strings

4/28 c1 2sasuxxnaruxxluverxx
Oh my godddddd that was one of the best fic’s I’ve read in a very long time. Amazing work, it truly was written beautifully. Hope to read more soon
4/12 c1 GrimmHarry
That was nice. I do hope that there is a sequel or another chapter where they find out who each other are... I am assuming that the Blue Spirit might know the Identity of the Painted Lady, but it would be nice to see that realisation!
3/31 c1 KitMalfoy
This was a really fun story and while it is a complete story I would kind of like to see more if the muses speak to you again. If not I appreciate all that you did share and enjoyed it.

Hope you are doing well and staying safe.
3/6 c1 ksharples6
Awww noo! This needs to be more! I'd love to see her reaction when she finds out it was Zuko! My god woman I ship these two so much as well! And your my fave author!
2/5 c1 lollyluvs
I want a follow up to this so bad.
1/31 c1 3lPhoenixSpiritl
That ending was perfect, one of my favorites so far.
1/9 c1 Guest
thanks for the zutara love!
1/7 c1 fyorarules
Ahhhhhhhh such smuttt loved it! It’s kinda weird to imagine this happening with the characters of a children’s show and yet if they were all a little older when they were journeying, this totally would have happened
1/5 c1 1Tuonra
Well that was hot.

Didn't expect it to go that fast. Now only a year till your. Ext burst of ZutaraTuonra
1/5 c1 4Petite plume de folie
I loved this one-shot! Thank you for sharing your amazing writing skills and imagination.
Wish you the best!
1/4 c1 hkmac
I enjoyed reading this sexy story!
1/3 c1 pgoodrichboggs
Awesome chapter! Happy New Year indeed. Very hot Zutara. Loved every glorious tension filled minute!
1/3 c1 Urban-Bourne
Do my eyes deceive me or that a Severus snape “always” that ended of this beautiful one shot. Woah Kitten this was freaking awesome thank you so much xx
1/2 c1 Krackle Moon
Awesome story! I would love to see what happens next!
1/2 c1 shinigami-seeker
Loved it!
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