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for Rolling the Dice

7/13 c1 Guest
I love this idea! Could Dumbledore be insane and manipulative or just insane and ridiculous? It's best not to know.

Slughorn would make a good agent to deal with the horcruxes since he must have had a number of unspeakables, curse breakers, and other relevant specialists pass through his Slug Club, who might owe him a favour. He could assemble a formidable team to deal with the situtation, rather than leaving an incompetent Harry taked with the problem, who has been manipulated into becoming a kamikaze for the glory of Emperor Dumblehito.
5/9 c1 Brenden1k
I now wonder if the whole dice based spindle was to get this reaction from Horace Slughorn.

Through it be amusing if the dice were actually a divination aid, and Dumbledoor was a put this cake right here and tell a random serial killer to get banana kind of diviner.
4/4 c1 Ekzentric Lohner
The funny thing is that this would work just as well for a perfectly sane Dumbledore who knows Voldemort will be paying attention to *his* movements, but will be ignoring Slughorn because *he* wouldn't dare to do anything... thus, a bizarre but effective way of both convincing Slughorn that nothing will be done unless *he* does it and pricking his pride enough to motivate him to actually do so.
3/25 c1 110Right What Is Wrong
Ahahaha! Oh dear. ...I'd be not entirely convinced this is inaccurate, except that I subscribe to the apparent Aberforthian school of thought that Albus's actual decisions may well be worse than rolling the dice.

Put another way, I've come to see Albus as a kind of Gilderoy Lockhart who actually *did* accomplish all his great feats... while having absolutely NO improvement with regard to underlying personality. His worst flaw is a hellish combination of micromanagement and irresponsibility, which leads to no one on the Order's side in canon having any idea what they're doing, why they're doing it, or HOW to do it without the Great Dumbledore supervising at all times. Honestly, dice-rolling might be kinder. Then there'd be SOME chance he'd occasionally "make" a good decision...
1/19 c1 muumi2three
Oh I like this. At this point, Severus and probably other unnamed classmates are probably quite good candidates for Slughorn's Secret Service - I always figured Severus as someone who wanted above all to be appreciated, to be valued, to belong. Once he actually turned his attention towards which strings to pull for which kid, Horace probably could form himself quite an intelligence network.
1/3 c1 raymond21
Actually,it is not very insane. In the christian Bible,many king of Jude and israel using dice to decided what policies they Will doing. Example of this in story of apostle, when they decided who Will replace Judas as 12 disciple. They decided using dice to decided it,not by voting or discussion,but by dice.
Wizarding world is very backward. I can imagine they using dice to decided their decision
Please make it sequel,i want to know who Horace recruiting to hunting horcrux
1/2 c1 BlackFlowa77
So if there was an update Slughorn uses his slytherin skills to successfully manipulate others, perhaps graduates of his slug club, to take the dark lord out of play. I do enjoy your writings and ideas.
1/1 c1 32unlikely2
Original and intriguing.
12/31/2020 c1 Transreal Clouden
Well this is the strangest Dumbledore I've ever seen. I am interested to see Slughorn actually trying to accomplish something.
12/31/2020 c1 James Birdsong
Good oneshot
12/31/2020 c1 Saint Snape
I notice that Snape isn't included in the ones who know Dumbledore's insanity but that makes sense because Snape wouldn't keep quiet about it. Sluggy should tell Snape because he would actually try to do something about destroying the horcruxes. I'm assuming he doesn't because he thinks he's a loyal DE. Harry probably wouldn't believe anything against Dumbledore but perhaps he might especially if Hermione talks him though the pros and cons of it. Then again Harry might hare off on a wild goose chase knowing him, lol. Hope you will update.
12/31/2020 c1 2teedub
I think I'm with Aberforth: can't hurt any worse that Albus's judgement.
12/31/2020 c1 10feauxen
You know, I was actually expecting Slughorn to take this to someone in the Ministry since Dumbledore had just revealed that he was utterly and completely crazy. It's not like he wouldn't know who he could trust, after all, his network of students who achieved great things must have infiltrated the ministry at some time or another, and all he'd have to do is pick one that would understand the need to seek out like-minded individuals without making enough of a fuss that Voldemort's agents in the Ministry would find out.
12/31/2020 c1 Trickster32UE
Well, at least now Horace can do something on his own - after learning that Dumbledore is totally insane - maybe even using his influence to stop certain *bright minds* to become order members...

Although, it would be quite interesting, when he decided to take a closer interest in the young Slytherins - Regulus Black, Severus Snape etc. ... Trickster32

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