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for FateGrand Order: New Order Anomaly I: Eden

6/20 c62 PrimalWhiteStar
The enemy Master is Charles potter from the first world right?
3/3 c33 4hnh058513
I wonder how the class would handle the knowledge that Vivian/Nimue was actually another identity of Morgan Pendragon/ Le Fey?
8/31/2022 c43 Guest
8/31/2022 c41 Guest
8/30/2022 c11 Guest
7/12/2022 c17 Shogun lord poke burst
Caster Gilgamesh
7/12/2022 c7 Shogun lord poke burst
I think saber is possible a gender bent lucifer, or lilith
2/28/2022 c63 16Ryuzaki Uchida
What a magnificent way to end another multiversal chapter of ritsukas life if i was in love with the first one this Made me love it Even more Lots of good stuff and characters i really love lucy,flat,Jane, this dimensiĆ³n Potters and Dumbledore in general and specially Merlin and Raphael what a great cast You Made.

Now i suppose up to the next chapter on this saga.
1/29/2022 c1 Innovative maniac
Your stories are good mate but just not for me. I was hoping for Harry Potter to be lead not Ritsu. Man I'm so bumped but it's alright. You're good author with plot hole such as why goddess will pick Snape and all. If you went with Harry Potter as lead this would have been one of my favourite story. Kinda of disappointed but hey good work. I shall be waiting for your life as Slime and Hp FanFic update.
11/6/2021 c38 Ray Hadrian
Who want to kill Ginny. Count me in!
9/30/2021 c54 Guest
Did Lilith said dearie? Ohohoho, I think I know who this Alter Ego of the Black Lake is...great job by the way.
9/18/2021 c64 Dicoan
what was the next in the series that state that will have the four founders again please
9/5/2021 c63 Anonymous
I have a feeling that more Anomalies are going to pop up as Chaldea progresses.
8/9/2021 c63 4thundercharger123
Boy, that was a ride! I'm excited for the next one! Keep up the great work :D!
8/8/2021 c63 Guest
I wonder, will one of the anomalies be canon harry potter or a variation of it?
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