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9/6/2021 c4 9Rook2020
Dang it. It ended so abruptly. I hadn’t been all that active in the Naruto fandom since it ended (just can’t get into Boruto) so it’s been a while since I’ve read a good Kakashi fic. But you had me at Solo Leveling, so heck yeah, I was gonna check this one out. Your writing style is very high quality. I love your sentence structure. That alone was enough for me to continue reading past the first few paragraphs. A great plot combined with a smoothly portrayed, detailed story telling? A Plus! Now I can’t wait to see how Sung Jinwoo will be introduced, as you’d already stated that Kakashi would be the only protagonist. Hopefully the wait won’t be too long, but I think it’ll be worth it nonetheless.
4/18/2021 c4 2DoctorTortoise
great story so far, can't wait for more¡
1/25/2021 c1 Dasgun
1/7/2021 c1 Starlockies
I think you’ve got a wonderful start to an interesting story here. I don’t know how or why Kakashi found himself in 16th century North America, a fact I hope you correct in the future, or how you even came up with idea. Anyways, you can account for me being invested with this. Also, your writing was great especially in the second chapter and I really liked how you portrayed Kakashi overall. I can’t wait to see how he deals with trying to understand a whole new language. Has Kakashi even had to ever deal with speakers of another language before? I don’t even think there are any other languages used in the elemental nations. Another thing that has me curious though was why did you mark this story as anime x-over. Are you including multiple fandoms or just one so small it doesn’t have its own tag. Could there really be a pocahontas anime I don’t know about? Anyways, I really liked your story and can’t wait to see what you do with it! No pressure though! Update soon or never. Its your story, only you get to decide when it ends.
1/1/2021 c2 2tresixteen
Is there a Pocahontas anime?

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