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for A Brother's Love

5/25 c1 skystark
Wow. What a story. You turned me into a waterfall man. Hope to read more
5/10 c2 15Arya39
Omg, I so am in love with this story ! Please, don’t give up one this ! (How’s that than I’ve no right telling this ? Ha ? Mine are in hiatus since 2019 ? Don’t care, I wanna read more xD)
Sorry, it’s just, I’ve had lost interest in One Piece recently, and to see that sole so amazing stories are poping up like that...
Anyway, I’ll wait impatiently the encounter between Ace and Kairyuu !
You write too well ! The moments of Kairyuu’s life, told as little moments with many time ellipse, it give all the informations and we keep going fast with the story, without feeling deleted or lost, and without any boredom at all !
Will Kairyuu have some memories/power as Harry ? Will he break out of Impel Down, or will he cross path with Ace in prison ?
Oh the shock on Luffy’s face when he will have to save no one, but TWO brothers xD
Anyway, I look forward for the next chapter !
Thank you so luch for this Xover, it’s so « kobaam! » and « whahouuw! »
Cray hearts to you .*
5/2 c2 1Jayden Lopez
What's the point of writing a main character if they're stuck in a prison cell for two decades plus. It's sad that Harry missed out on so much of his life. We haven't really seen Harry's viewpoint of the past two decades so I'm hoping the next chapter will have that.
4/28 c2 Guest
Can't tell u how many times I've read just to see if there's an update it's that good! Hope u update soon
4/7 c2 188ChurchGrim88
I can't tell you how many times I cried wile reading this! I'm so excited to see what more your write about this story!
3/17 c2 pokermaniac039
Man, it's getting more interesting. Keep up the good work! I love it!
3/7 c2 2tr96ey
I'm so glad that your on here too. I found this story on AO3 and fell In love with it. It's so original and new without the overly used tropes that are in most OP HP crossovers. Harry is his own character and not a reincarnation in some other character, He's not MOD, he's not a Girl!. But I think one of the most impressive things you've done is manage to keep your characters in character. Alot of times peopel tend to make all of their characters either completely OC or even worse make them all sound the exact same especially when it comes to dialogue, but all of the characters you have are all perfectly within how one would expect them to act in canon.
I also like the way you switch perspective, giving us of you into all of the different characters not just Kairyuu, of course he's been in a cell all of chapter 2 but still. You gave us a really good perspective on people like sengoku, showing us his own wavering confident in in the decisions of the elders and the actions of the government , he sees them reasons behind that and fallows through with their actions but he doesn't completely agree with them. Same with Garp, we see where his obsession with luffy and ace becoming marines stems from, he didn't want luffy and Ace to face the unfair consequences that their older brother had faced from having an enemy of the world government as a father. He had been there for sacrifice for Rouge and Kairyuu's lifes, and for Rouge and Kairyuu's sacrifices for Ace's life, with Kairyuu's only "crime" being he existed/ was adopted, and Rouge's "crime" being she fell in love (I'm guessing she would have been charged with some kind of crime for being involved with a pirate). Even if Garp is a bit of a chickenshit for never actually telling Ace he had an older brother, even if Garp doesn't know that hes still alive.
Also I'm very interested to see what part Ivanka plays in Kairyuus life in impel down, because the thought of him coming out as an Okama seems both too silly fur such an emotional story and also hilarious.
But no matter what direction you take the story I'm eager to read it, stay safe and may you never lose your Muse. I'll be excitedly waiting to read the next chapter
3/7 c2 rtalish
I am tearing up at Dadan’s words ‘someone who loved you more than life’ to Ace.
This is good, and I hope you continue this story
2/11 c2 7Kaito Echizen
I could have told him that it was impossible for him to be his brother since his father had died two years before he was born Kaito is hungry wants to eat
2/5 c2 176Firehedgehog
2/5 c2 Leo Azriel
I've been looking for one piece and harry potter stories for a while, but I walk in and find yours. What I can say in the first chapter I cried a lot and the second left me with so many expectations for the chapters to come in a future, apart from having caught me in an instant and make me feel so attached to her tells me that you are a good writer. Thank you so much for your wonderful work, I hope these are not the only chapters and do not leave it on hiatus, I will look forward to each update is the first time in a long time that a story I find so interesting, sad and leaves me with so much intrigue. Excellent work.
2/4 c2 4overtherose
This is amazing, like this sacrifice that Kairyuu did. I'm am awe stuck. Ace is truly loved. I cant wait for the chapter to come.

Ace has now discovered that he has a brother one just like his parents have paid, the sacrifice of their lives.

Aaahhhuug! It must have been crushing for him to learn that he was going to Rayleigh ( even though that may have given him some childish hope) only to be kept alive in imperial down for 17 years and then learn that his sacrifice only held off the marines and not stop the notion being a crime for just living! I wonder what their reunion would be like if Ace gets captured like in cannon and sent down into imperial down. Will they be placed in the same cell? Will kairyuu breakdown and cry when seeing Ace in the same cell as him apologizing for not saving him from the hardships of being hunted down for being Rogers's child. The stories that Kairyuu would tell Ace about their parents.

By the way is Kairyuu, Harry potter? Because if he is, a way for them to escape potentially is that Kairyuu sends out a shock wave of magic blasting Akainu flying, saving them from Akainu's magma fist. However, because of the wave of magic the goblet of fire was able to track the magical output and yank Kairyuu to hogwarts.
2/2 c2 Wishfull-star
I hope that Kairyuu and Ace get to meet and I hope that Ace doesn't die in this story:) stay safe
2/1 c2 hockeygirl9
I love this story so much. The first chapter made me cry and now I can't wait to see everyone's reactions when they realize he's been alive this whole time. I'm also incredibly curious as to what kind of power he has that he thinks he can threaten people after two decades wasting away in prison. So excited to see where you go with this, I just really hope this doesn't end up being the kind of story that makes me cry all the time lol. Thanks for the update!
1/31 c2 3Akuma no Hono
What!? This chapter was awesome, I really liked how you summarized the years for Kariyuu and Ace. I also like how you included Sengoku, sure he's a hard ass most of the time, but the man does truly care in his own way.

Hmm, I think that will bug me forever and then some, that their one true crime above all else is them simply existing. Which condemed them to execution or life in prison.

There are a couple paragraphs with some small grammar errors or a word missing.
Besides that, it's well written.

God, I knew Garp would chicken out and never tell Ace about his brother. Akdhakdjs that is so going to get him a fist, or some sort of debris/rock/plank to the face hahahaha. He kinda deserves it.

Yooooo... I just thought of the absolute fucking madness Rayleigh will cause when Ace's execution is broadcasted. Considering the man literally swam to Amazon Lily to train Luffy. I could just see him speeding his way to Marine Ford like a total fucking savage akdhakdjs.

Besides finding out Roger had another son, but seeing Rairyuu alive and absolutely livid. But not that hot head explosive kind of rage. But that silent, cold and absolutely fridged rage. Honestly the kind of rage that makes people go silent is like a Million times for terrifying. Him and Shanks omfg, it'll be glorious to see them rip the world government apart. Akdhakdjs I can't wait I am excited ᕕ(՞ᗜ՞)ᕗ.

Though, I am curious to see how Rairyuu will snap and totally go Feral on Akainu for targetting Ace and Luffy... Kinda hoping he punches Garps lights out at the "execution." Honestly he only had one job and that was to prepare them for the world, not try to force them into something they would never want. I love Garp but he is so fucking hopeless when it comes to that aspect of life.

You know... I kinda wanna see Danda's reaction to seeing her eldest boy, though Rairyuu wasn't with her that long, she already considered him hers. I can't wait to see her reaction in finding out he is alive and kicking ass like a total savage.

It'll be interesting as all hell, I do hope Akainu faces the consequences of all the bad actions he has cost. He is literally a top grade low life scum who murdered people, good and bad, innocent and guilty. For his own satisfaction and stupid beliefs in "Absolute Justice" Which honestly I call major bullshit.

Though I'd love to see Ivankov "steal" Rairyuu and fatten him and train him I'm a sense. Because I am pretty sure, Ryuu made the connection already that the government is going to take his little brother and execute him, no matter what. Which honestly will be a total farce and petty considering no one but the actual older generation in White Beards generation would make the connection, and they would immediately discard it as just a figment of the imagination.

Akdhakdjs I'm getting all hyped up her and making theories oh Lord lol.

Hope you can get plenty of rest and update when you can, no rush, it's always a pleasant surprise for the surprise updates after a couple weeks of waiting.
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