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for Kengan Ashura- A Loud Spiral!

7/4 c1 7ninjakingofhearts
No more NSL fan story it's getting annoying so delete it now or I'll skinn you alive and kill you!
4/16 c10 oscarojeda62
Solo has que lincoln aprenda shaori
2/7 c10 11Mr ChubbySnorlax619
Good chapter, fight was good and well paced. I gotta admit, out of all the death row convicts. Sikorsky is probably the weakest next to Doyle. I love the little black lagoon crossover. I remember your OC you sent me had connections to that universe.

I can't wait to see what's going to happen with Lisa and the rest of the loud family.

Keep up the amazing work.
2/3 c10 Guest
love it
2/5 c9 8Sparkletina
Albert is not Lynn Sr father, he's Rita so Albert had a different last name.
2/3 c10 37Jss2141
I can’t wait for the next chapter.
2/3 c10 Lubber
thank you for writing mate!
2/3 c10 1ksfb17
great chapter i love it. keep own makin more chapter of this story
11/16/2021 c9 Ksfb1996
Rakshasa's drill strike have him use his hand light a lance rotate like a drill sins you have him train with devil lance for 2 years and have himn creat a koei style that focus on refleting the oppnets strengt agenst them a less lethal style
10/17/2021 c9 ksfb17
great chapter wort the wait, good thuts on him see his family on a piknikt i hop next chapter he meet lisa ho dose a DNA test to confirm that he is lincole
10/16/2021 c9 1iscord323
Pobre Lincoln, no tiene el valor de ver a su familia por temor al rechazo. Por otro lado, me gusto el episodio, gracias por volver a escribir.
10/16/2021 c9 11Mr ChubbySnorlax619
I gotta admit... that was an awesome chapter! Loved the fighting and set ups for the future. I also loved seeing Mister Chang, I got into Black Lagoon because of characters like him.

The fight was bloody and epic, a thing you would expect between two killers. Lincoln and Spec held nothing back. Just like they would, they're both men who don't play around. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting Spec of all people. Guy is a straight up monster, dude literally beat the crap out of the Statue of Liberty. Lincoln was the clear underdog, Spec had experience and strength on his side. His viciousness and brutal tactics gave him an edge against Lincoln. Throwing weapons and other stuff gave Spec the advantage. Combine that with his freakish strength and pain tolerance, Lincoln should have lost. But he didn't because Lincoln used his martial arts and mind. Using his techniques and speed, Lincoln proved a match against Spec. Of course Lincoln couldn't get too close, Spec got a good couple of hits on Lincoln. Anymore and the fight would have ended differently. In the end both fighters got what they wanted, Spec got his defeat and Lincoln got Spec's head and the renown from it. Pretty soon people will be talking about the man known as Shion.

The Loud family part was touching, it's good to see the family to together and still going strong. Lincoln checking in on them was sweet, he still loves them and wants to meet the newest members of his family. But he'll wait a little longer, until he gets stronger.

Shion of The Koei Style is on the rise, and I can't wait to see more.
10/16/2021 c9 Lubber
Bah dont make him forgive his family pls, It would be ridiculous
9/10/2021 c8 1ksfb17
let shion(lincoln loud) meet his family when he conplet the assasinason of his target
9/2/2021 c8 37Jss2141
Who is it?! Who is the convict?!
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