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for New Year, New Life

1/3 c1 132signelchan
I love this so much, you have no idea! I really wanted to be able to lay down some long, poignant review that you'd look back on and be like "oh yeah, I deserved to get that", but the more I sit and think about this cliché-riddled fic, all I can come to realize is that I love this story, clichés and all. Your characters feel right, the premise is totally plausible and completely something that I think every babyfic writer thinks about writing at least once, and I love that you put all of this work into this piece while on a trip just to gift it to me. You're amazing, the story is amazing, write more spontaneous babyfic sometime, will you?

1/2 c1 1bwburke94
Happy new year.

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