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for Redemption of a Demon

9/2 c7 Pyro daemona
I didn’t know just how much I needed a zabuza in shield hero fic until I read this, bravo and I eagerly await for more, and more of the murder puppy!
8/14 c7 Cerberus2005
Just a really good fic and I hope you continue
8/4 c7 ErrorDataExpunged
Finally, a crossover without Naruto with shield and other unoriginal ideas.

And holy shit its well written too, very nice.
7/22 c7 cayd36
the fact that Kisame thinks that Zabuza is a female just hilarious
7/14 c7 Ahmet Hasan Yagmurcu
I love this so much
7/1 c7 Guest
This is great, hope for more updates.
6/28 c3 4TheOrangeLord
This book is great so far and I love the idea of Zabuza as the sword hero!
6/24 c1 14AcausalTrilby
I really like your writing and I'm intrigued enough to want more but I'm almost certain Zabs was 'only' A-Rank.
6/10 c3 yellingbrian2
Zabaza is being surprisingly dumb and self-less giving away all his knowledge advantages and not using a hedge to sneak around.

Also the Blacksmith is complaining about a 10% discount to literally save the world? He should be counting himself lucky that the Heroes aren't just allowed take whatever they want.

Sorry I like the concept behind this novel, but I can't accept these character actions.
5/22 c7 Gguma030
can't wait to read more!
5/18 c7 Jajo Camello
I agree with Guest 907 comments on this story. Early on in the show Zabuza was considered a hight tier ninja that gave Kakashi a rough time.

There is a video calledNaruto: how to destroy your own world building". An interesting video about how world building is just as important as the characters.

Hope you continue with this story and have a super day.
5/17 c7 myafroatemydog
Fantastic chapter I love kisame we should have more of his POV well done chapter
5/17 c7 17RaiderXV
Great chapter.
5/16 c7 17sky
ah, little murder puppy is the most adorable. can't wait for the next little adventure.
5/14 c7 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 7
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