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for Shinobi Wars

3/18 c2 Laxard
Eh. If in the end he teleported back in time, to the start of One Year War, when story may have a chance as such prologue will have some use, but to the other universe... Well, story is "finished" anyway.
3/18 c1 Laxard
Naruto being Zeon's second leitenant either didn't made any friends or easily betrayed them? GM Early Type isn't really in-universe name of the machine. It's just a prototype later known as GM Kai with partial so he is going GM Kai with limited choice of equipment, Command Type, back to GM Kai but with bigger number of available weapons. I also don't see a point for a MC to being Naruto and that AAR like style of writing.
1/10 c1 Boorz
1/1 c1 6Gundam Meister Uzumaki
Needs to work on spacing, but otherwise, excellent.

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