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for A secret daughter part 2

2/19 c8 Ntsikie
Ur chapters are too short
2/16 c7 Guest
Can't wait for Friday chapter
2/16 c6 Guest
Great chapter
2/16 c5 Guest
Love this chapter
2/16 c4 Guest
Nice one
2/16 c3 Guest
Great third chapter
2/16 c2 Guest
Love the second chapter
2/16 c1 Guest
Beautiful chapter
1/31 c1 Ntsikie
I hope Avery is kurt's daughter not his sister imagine JANE having a child with her father in law.
1/31 c5 Ntsikie
Hahaha Roman cant be trusted.
1/18 c3 BenslerJellerOGJasam
Hi I love this story! I’m wondering if it’s Jane bother Roman in there son room. Please post more soon!
1/15 c3 Ntsikie
Now u post NCIS LA Staff here
1/4 c1 Guest
Beautiful first chapter. Can't wait for Friday's new chapter
1/2 c1 Guest
Love the first chapter. More please

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