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2/26/2021 c3 glennlewis2346
Curious on pairings, the story on why fire fighters are needed, if infernals are gonna in this story, and how much knowledge Fire Force has on Natsu.
Side notes I am looking forward to their reactions when they find out Natsu has lightning flame mode. Can you add dragon god mode since he did use God slayer magic back on Tenrou Island. Never understood why in the anime or mange he never uses it again.
2/24/2021 c3 8Summer Avian
waiting for next chapter
2/18/2021 c3 Guest
This story is amazing
2/14/2021 c3 Guest
You nailed Arthur perfectly!
2/13/2021 c3 Random
I really like your story. Not many people do fire force crossovers so keep up the good work! I love reading this!
2/11/2021 c3 4DragonTamer1
I mainly just wanna see them react to Natsu eating fire.
2/10/2021 c3 3Zephyr47
I think you did a good job with Arthur, it really felt like I was reading about the same guy from the anime. The fights were good as well and I really want to see what you got planned for the next chapter. Can’t wait!
2/10/2021 c3 1Messiah of authors
I love Arthur so damn much lol
1/18/2021 c1 1Drcaus
Shinra vs Natsu
1/16/2021 c2 Guest
I’m liking this so far
1/10/2021 c1 Guest
let fire force win the grand magic games please. Don't give fairy tail any asspulls
1/11/2021 c2 AshCrow366
Really good so far, keep it up
1/10/2021 c2 4Shadowwolf1997
This was an awesome chapter I really loved how you had hibanna and Ezra going after each other with the Colleen clickenbeard reference that was great.

Yeah shinra and Arthur are basically just like natsu and gray that was probably the funniest moment

Can’t wait to see more of this hope to see a Natsu vs Shinra fight
1/10/2021 c2 1Messiah of authors
Yeah I’m really loving this now. Only that it seems that you’re doing a long period mystery regarding around nastu telling love it. Please don’t worry about action base chapters I actually enjoy chapters of more character interacting or introduction.
1/10/2021 c2 3Zephyr47
Now this was a very good introduction of Fire Force. Not only were the characters interaction with each other was very interesting but you also were able to add a little bit of mystery as well. I appreciate the little call out to Hibana and Erza having the same voice. I would love to see more interactions between Fire Force and Fairy Tail. Can’t wait to see the next chapter!
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