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5/29 c1 Jenna Gem
Hey! good start, not sure which way this story is going to go, like is Akira a reincarnation with Harry Potter's memories or just the power and impressions? would he train as shinobi or just be his brother's civilian support? could he even handle Chakra and Magic simultaneously? is he the Master of Death? I just hope for a stable, family fluff for Naruto with Akira there. but those are question I NEED ANSWERS TO!

sorry for the many wonderings! I'm not used to follow a story from the very beginning for this reason, I hope to read more tho! no pressure of course
2/28 c1 narutouzumaki9718
It's Yondaime not Nidaime which was Tobirama. But this is a great first chapter overall I feel. Hope for more soon!
2/27 c1 4newerher3
Damn, I cried at the end. (T_T)
Can't wait for the next chapter ;3
1/25 c1 Kong2
You wrote it wrong, it should be Yondaime
1/10 c1 SentinalSlice
So Minato didn’t put half of the Kyuubi in Akira, that doesn’t make much sense. The only reason he didn’t put the other half into Naruto is because he wasn’t sure if Naruto could handle the whole Kyuubi, but with Akira there, Minato could put the other half in him instead of in himself.
1/2 c1 5kent-jensen
1/2 c1 Only a reader
I only need to add that Minato was the Yondaime hokage and not the Nidaime.

I hope that you will update this quickly, because this fic sounds interesting.
1/1 c1 mattcun
i cant wait to see the next chapter
1/1 c1 kirsty21

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