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6/7 c18 KDLink17
Lemon Incoming :eyes:
6/7 c18 Bromega2477
All I can say is "woah!"
6/7 c18 2Rule179
I like it! Jaune not knowing what to wear? More entertaining than it had a right to be. Still I almost was left wondering WHY Jaune didn't know what to wear for a date, being a former corpo rat and stuff. Guess Corp life didn't allow for stuff like that. Or just being from Cyberpunk Earth means his idea of good clothes for a date clashed to much with RWBY Remnant norms to even be An option...
5/30 c17 a sanguinary gaurd
love the story so far and I like Misty's and jaunes relationship but I hope he doesn't give up on being a cyberpunk the crime eliminates to the story is a big appeal to me
5/25 c16 Guest
Im surprised they didn't question if Arasaka was a real company or not as such technology and products that would have made them one of the biggest companies on Remnant yet this the first time they ever heard of it, would seem very fishy to them.
5/26 c17 MarauderPrime12
Go ahead for editing
Excellent chapter
5/26 c17 29white1498
another great chapter though there are some fairly minor typos none the less it's a great chapter.
5/26 c17 1Jctherebel
Another amazing chapter as usual p
5/26 c17 2Rule179
Hey! I liked how you wrote the latest chapter.

I wonder what the Netrunner I think once he sees the other folders contents. That will be a real eye opener. Perhaps as much as Ozpin's real identity!
5/26 c17 5OmegaDelta
You can only leave the edge runner life if you disappear from the grid or you are dead. Keep up the good work.
5/26 c17 A Wanderering Arc
Another PogU chapter
5/25 c8 kenodoxia
Also, dude, being able to make a solar panel does not make him a ripperdoc...

Also, dude, this is the place to learn to take negative feedback. Just taking down negative feedbacks seems really shady.

And putting time into something doesn't mean it will become valuable to everybody and liking something is subjective. And of course nobody likes it when their work is being criticized. But just completely taking them down because you don't want to hear anything negative will not help you grow.

So take it on the chin, and take what you can from the negative feedback, and leave the rest.

I think FF is the best place for that.
5/25 c7 kenodoxia
dude, I hate it when the mc comes clean about his powers.

Who just casually explains what trump card they have. It just downgraded the whole story.

Those trump cards are something the mc is supposed to take to the grave or only told to someone who has the complete trust of the mc, and not some random mob guy. Or it should be something the others are supposed to work for and figure out
5/25 c7 kenodoxia
dude, roman's offer isn't too good to be true... for that to be too good to true, he would have offered him something, which he didn't
5/16 c16 29white1498
yes, yes, yes, great chapter I love how you wrote the meeting because I could just feel the corpo that Jaune was radiating. as for pyrra... she deserves a normal life with real people and not on some pedicle. the meeting was a great way to knock Ozma down a few dozen pegs with how vale and by extension beacon falls to the Grimm. and the thumb drive exploding in mercurys' hand was hilarious also I hope the bastard loses most of his fucking hand.
also thank you for the shout out I'm happy I could deliver in terms of products that arasaka manufactures, though the WXA COMPUTER AIMED WEAPON is not only a convoy mounted defence turret, but it can be mounted on a tripod to defend a specific room or area.
overall great chapter, 15 out of 10, would read again.
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