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12/31/2022 c24 Lyra
Now I am getting a strange compulsion to write a story on the ship Poseidon x Athena. I don't want to or plan to swim (I can't), but I value my writing way too much.
Still, worth a shot.
12/27/2022 c47 EnoughFanfictionBetrayal
I know we get into trouble, but I wanted to write.
Annabeth: She has trouble losing loved ones. She has already given up on immortality. Her fatal flaw is her hubris she wouldn't hide what she does, on the contrary she would be proud of what she does. Again her fatal flaw is hubris she doesn't have ambition (seeking for power) as her fatal flaw (if she has it where is it written that she wants power?).
Percy: He doesn't stay at camp all year. Percy refused immortality not only for Annabeth but for loved ones as well. He doesn't go on a mission with Apollo: because his mother is pregnant, because he wants to go to college in New Rome, because he lost almost a year because of Hera, because he is tired of missions that last months and because he would like a normal life he is not afraid of Annabeth if he does a mission (Percy and Annabeth did missions between HOO and TOA: they helped the brothers Kane and Magnus).
Campers: why should they trust the newcomer?
Children of the Big Three: How can they be the same age as Percy and Annabeth if the oath was revoked two years earlier. How have they not met a monster or a satyr all these years? Don't make the example of Percy because even with that smell of Gabe he had problems with monsters. Where have they been in the two wars that the demigods have had to fight?.
Percy and Annabeth: They weren't afraid of Percy's liquid control power, but they were afraid of the evil side that came out of that power (Percy has trouble killing people is seen in BOTL and in TLO when he doesn't kill demigods who are with Kronos).
I know some will say, "Don't read their work if it bothers you too much." I will reply with: "why didn't you follow what you say instead of criticizing". They will also say: "that these are AU or they are OOC", with this I answer "why don't you create characters that follow what you want instead of modifying the characters' characters so much."
12/26/2022 c47 5KittySallySwan
who's this one from?
12/26/2022 c47 2merendinoemiliano
Kelp who? Hoping you had a merry Christmas aniway
12/25/2022 c47 94MysteryGal5
Love that you’re updating again!
12/23/2022 c46 2merendinoemiliano
Merry Christmas and happy new year
12/23/2022 c45 EnoughFanfictionBetrayal
The criticisms you've had make no sense, they say you can't criticize other people's ideas, but they can criticize your ideas. They also say: don't read their works if it bothers you too much, but why didn't they follow their advice instead of coming to you to show their annoyance with your ideas
12/23/2022 c29 EnoughFanfictionBetrayal
Chaos: "I live under the rule of my son Tartarus and my daughter Nyx not in the universe" (HOH)
12/23/2022 c19 EnoughFanfictionBetrayal
Nico and Annabeth had an Oedipus complex external to the family: one usually feels for parents but they didn't have parents around.
12/23/2022 c2 EnoughFanfictionBetrayal
YES enough fanfiction with betrayal, finally someone who understands me. But how Percy trusts a stranger so immediately doesn't make sense, above all he has been betrayed by people he has known for years.
12/23/2022 c1 2FanPJO
Enough with Pertemis there are too many of these fanfictions, many of them don't make sense.
The other day I saw a fanfiction justifying a Pertermis, with the fact that Artemis was alone and needed male company. I wrote privately to the author that Artemis has her huntresses, has her brother Apollo and has other virgin goddesses on Omlipo, and I wrote to him that women don't always need a man to live happily. He replied that I had to grow up and I didn't understand these things. I replied to him that I am 27 and have been in relationships.
12/23/2022 c35 EnoughFanfictionBetrayal
I have read many comments in this chapter. Yes in TLO the big three have renounced the pact, but how do they have another child almost Percy's age? Although in these fanfiction it is never specified but since he always tries to be with Annabeth I think he should be almost the same age as Percy and Annabeth, he is certainly not two or three years old, since Percy is eighteen and the oath was broken two years earlier. Last thing where has he been all these years? In the sense a son the big three hould smell powerful at that age. If he comes to camp when he's 16, he should have spent 3-4 years running away from monsters and satyrs.
12/23/2022 c46 13Krypton Writes
will wait for more!
12/23/2022 c41 Krypton Writes
12/23/2022 c22 Krypton Writes
I take that back, THIS is the best one
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