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3/11/2021 c1 Nan
Sorry, that was supposed to say Kingdom Hearts...
3/11/2021 c18 Bantus Bee
Origami King is the best and it has Paper Luigi in a large role rather than just appearing as cameos or saving them at the end.
3/11/2021 c1 132Nan the Keyblade Master
Yeeeeah, about that... i've decided far in advance that i'll be skipping Sticker Star and Color Splash.

Sticker Star is... well, Sticker Star. (Plus Kersti is super annoying.) Sure, I did a Sticker Star story in my Kindom Hearts series, but even then, that was in 3D and I decided not to use any stickers or Kersti. Could I try to do it again? Probably... but I don't think my magic can save the atrocity that is Sticker Star.

Color Splash is a different beast. I actually love it a lot, but... considering some of the shenanigans i've seen in the game made me go "How will I manage to pull THAT off?" and try to work some of my magic in. That and the cards are... yeah...

Plus, let's be honest... would anyone really WANT to see the gang repainting Port Prisma in... a text-based story? It wouldn't really work out... so I decided to skip that one too.

That being SAID however, I am all for doing Origami King.
3/11/2021 c18 8Switch 4 Life
Let Nan decide if he'll write Sticker Star and Color Splash, because I don't think he'll be skipping those stories just because somebody asks him to.
3/11/2021 c18 Little Nuggets
Sticker Star and Color Splash were huge let downs. Can’t we skip over to Origami King.
3/11/2021 c18 Guest
I hope not. That game was such a disappointment. I’m hoping for Origami King. It’s a surprise return to form.
3/11/2021 c18 Guest
will there be a paper rwby sticker star
3/11/2021 c18 loganwayman
OHHHH boy. Whenever RWBY Paper Jam happens, this is gonna be one hell of a ride.
3/10/2021 c18 Qwark's Guest
Wow. What a hell of an ending. While i didn't played Super Paper Mario. Ruby now going insane and now has her Equivalent to Dark Jak, or Dark Xena for a better comparison, is just surprising. Even though it's sad to say we won't be seeing Paper Ruby recovering as time goes on. At the same time. I think it's time that we head back into the mainline series. Seeing Hat Kid supposedly coming to the Mario/RWBYVerse, however, makes me wonder how the other characters from the Marie/TouhouVerse will be re-introduced to this Universe. Whether it be the change of Personality, still remaining human or being changed to a Faunus, how their roles will be, etc. The possibilities are endless. Overall. I enjoyed the story, despite not knowing much of the source material. Now, I'd like to end this review with something Hilariously disgusting in relation of the RWBY Adaption of Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story but that rather just be Outright disgusting for You, Your Friends and Mutuals and the Reviewers.
3/10/2021 c17 BowserFan327
Perhaps there can be an interlude story? Because from the looks of it, Ruby is gonna need therapy with Makoto Naegi. Where's the Ultimate Hope when you need him? And can Mikan appear in Bis? As the ultimate nurse, she would probably be having the time of her life exploring Bowser's body. And to even out the playing field, how about having Akane working with Bowser?
3/9/2021 c18 3topaz3
that was kinda bittersweet with Ozpin and Salem. I think the reason why Chaos Ruby is there because Ruby is stuck with the thoughts that everything end horribly and she's given up on everything all sunshine and rainbows. the only thing that can save her would be balance, accepting there will be good and bad things happening. everyone is just giving up right away. ah Dimentio crossed over huh.. Idk if your friend mentioned V3 but I was hoping you'd bring in a certain liar as his vessel. of course Medusa would know Salem, ha cleaver Dimentio laying facts. can't wait for those mothereffers to die. poor paper verse Ruby...
3/9/2021 c18 Underworld Lord
Actually shadowwolf, I'm pretty sure the Grimm have a big weakness against Silver Eyes, and considering Grimm Ruby is mostly Grimm...
3/9/2021 c18 Megan Romero
While the Paperverse is restored Ruby is still filled with Despair. I too think it's best for Ruby to be on temporary leave so she can recover. At least her family and friends will be there to help. Esdeath woke up and told everyone that it was Seryu who almost killed her. Never hurts to be prepared for the worst. Looks like Hat Kid and a few characters are going to Remnant! Looks like Dry Bowser's gained some allies and sparred with The Grimm Queen Salem. Dark Ruby is now Grimm Ruby! Looks like the Bean and Pig are going to stir up trouble! Dang Chaos Ruby killed Dark Ruby and Summer is very concerned for her daughter. Next time RWBY Bowser's Inside Story!
3/9/2021 c18 5Cheetah kid
i like this as salem and dry bowser brawled and earned each other respect and are like partners/pen pals sort of, and paper dark ruby should've ran while she had the chance, and grimm ruby is now powerful as she now completely immune to the silver eyes effect, main world ruby is so screwed, choas ruby is now became a villain in the paper universe, ironwood is still on vacation unaware of the events happening, this universe both paper and main are messed up as fuck but i like it so far so, let see what gonna happen now.
3/9/2021 c18 OhGeezItsZach
Wow, that... On one hand, that ending was incredibly messed up... Poor Paper Ruby...

But on the other hand, I'm ready for Bowser's Inside Story.
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