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3/9/2021 c18 7
Oh dear
3/9/2021 c18 6Bloodyguy
Chaos Ruby...oh shit Paper Jam is gonna be a wild ride!
ALRIGHT! BiS here we come!
3/9/2021 c18 6Lions'n'Tigers
Damn, what an ending. Leaving the Paper Verse on a sad note, but hopefully happier times await them in the future
3/9/2021 c18 Ultimate savior infinity
I know that Ruby's heart and emotions will surely recover, but, will she still be the same crimson huntress we all know? Also, will those powers remain once she heals? I hope Ruby recovers soon. Dimentio really did a number on her.
3/9/2021 c18 Underworld Lord
So... Paper Dark Blake, Paper Dark Weiss? I think you're gonna see Paper Dark Ruby soon.
3/9/2021 c18 Argorok
Excellent story, loved the ending. I can’t wait to see the new Ruby in the next stories. Hope to see the other Paper Mario games cross over with RWBY in the future as well.
3/9/2021 c18 2MysteriousNuclearBirbs
Well shit... Paper Chaos Ruby just killed her world's Dark Ruby and her mother is now concerned about what happened to her daughter. Not good. NOT GOOD!

Shit is going down in the main dimension. Dark Ruby technically evolved into Grimm Ruby making her easier to kill now because of the silver eyes effect on Grimm. Fawful is turning villians (whether they're actually villians or not doesn't matter to him) into stone statues and blorbing the Grimm along with anyone that gets in his way. Dimentio has given himself a "proper" 3d look to match the rest of the main dimension.

But going back to the paper dimension. HOLY FUCK! Paper Ruby is nearly brain dead and the rest of her team is a key part of their team, Paper Ruby has retained the powers she got when Dimentio broke her and thus she has become far stronger than one would like to admit, and I fear the events that will happen with Paper Jam. Will Paper Ruby find a way to fix herself or will she find a way to accept reality and move on before those events, we won't know but I can tell things are escalating WAY too quickly.

Welp, overall shit as hit the fan and The Doomsday is fast approaching for the paper dimension and probably the main dimension too.

Other than that, SEE YA!
3/9/2021 c18 Nan
I should mention that I made the poll this morning, but it completely slipped my mind until a few minutes after I published the last chapter. It should be up within... a few minutes, maybe? My bad!
3/9/2021 c18 LogBook
I forgot to add, it was nice seeing what was going on in the real world after everything had been resolved. Like some new characters being introduced, Esdeath and the Winter Ops getting a proper target in Seryu, the fight between Salem and Dry Bowser awesome good to see them clash. Add the secret third villain, that I won't spoil to keep the surprise for when it shows up, to the mix and we have our big bad trio along with their henchmen and we have a lot of fun stuff to look forward to. Including what Fawful was doing at the end.
3/9/2021 c18 132Nan the Keyblade Master
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention!

There's a poll on my wall for those who want to take a look. Go check it out if you want to!
3/9/2021 c18 15LogBook
Welp things are looking bleak for the paper universe's version of Ruby who has now given into chaos and darkness, and oh damn Paper Dark Ruby taken out by Paper Ruby. Anyways, goodbye paper universe see you when RWBY paper Jam comes out, or earlier I don't know, Anyways, fun way of setting up Bowser's inside story, should probably be a lot more lighthearted than this one or not who knows. The original Bowser's inside story had some dark moments. Maybe Dark Ruby will somehow find her way into Bowser's body to just fight Ruby, leading Bowser to yell "What is going in there!"

Once again a big thanks for not giving me credit, despite giving you the idea for the ending and what happened to the villains but hey. Wouldn't be the first time.
3/9/2021 c18 Jacob9594
That has got to be one of the most bittersweet was so satfiying seeing Dark Ruby from the Perverse get killed in a very brutal way. The fight with dry bowser and Salem was pretty epic. Well crap Medusa is back, our heroes better watch out. Paper Ruby i hope you find what you seek to heal eventually. Team RWBY Will not be the same without her. Ah esdeath ever the loyal general and good friends to the Schnee Family, this should be interesting. Holy holy crap Fawful is a much more threat than the canon games, getting all those smash villains and other takes a lot of effort and studying. Been looking forward to inside Story for a lone time. Overall this has got to be my favorite of the Paper RWBY Trilogy.
3/9/2021 c18 25ChaosFlash912
Another epic part of the saga has been concluded, and the magnum opus of my contributions to this group is coming up next. What a time to be alive.
3/9/2021 c17 8Switch 4 Life
Okay. I'll be honest with you.

I've been crying inside the moment Ruby gave into despair and became a near spitting image of Dark Ruby. Dimentio may have been defeated, but he succeeded something that Dark Ruby couldn't, breaking the Rose completely. And like Dimentio said, even if Ruby can be snapped out of the Chaos Heart's influence, recovering her from despair isn't going to be as simple as using magic on it. Like in real life, rehabilitation usually takes more than a week for a person to recover from deep emotional damage.

In a real life situation, Ruby becoming Chaos Ruby is basically similar to how a person would commit suicide because they had enough crap in their life and just wanna end everything, either by ending themselves, or by killing everyone to put them out of their own misery. In other words, Ruby was technically attempting suicide by giving up her soul to the Chaos Heart.

Sorry if this makes you readers uncomfortable, but I just here to point out that Ruby's situation is actually something that could happen to anyone in real life.

Word of advice, "We all have our bad days, sometimes things just don't always go our way. But don't let despair eat you up inside and make you do bad things. Stay positive, and don't listen to bullies, even if they're not lying, because they usually are just trying to mess with your head."

And by the way, please do not insult the clowns. They're meant to be pleaser of crowds, but nowadays, serial killers dressed as clowns have given them a bad name. (Looking at you, Needles Kane and the Joker.)

Hopefully Ruby would recover from all of this, she needs all the help she could get. (And hopefully not pulling a Shinji Ikari again.)
3/9/2021 c17 EvirosianAtlast
Jeezuz... I’ve saying that to myself a lot since reading this (and the previous chapters where Ruby is becoming more and more despaired) [For some odd reason, autocorrect wanted to say ‘Des Pear’ and it reminded me of the Sephiroth memes lol] but Jeezuz..
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