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3h c20 girliemom
Just found your story. Very interesting and unique premise. It's agonizing but in a good way. please keep the chapters coming.
3h c20 Guest
This story brightens my week. Seems Anne and Gilbert have to be at cross purposes in orde to get together at some stage
Can’t wait till they finally ge together and realise how much they mean to each other
4h c20 11Curlieque
I love how Gilbert spinned "condition" into "married condition." He had always enjoyed the academic rivalry with Anne, and if nothing else, I don't see him taking that away from her. And yes, for the era married women going to college or working outside the home was still uncommon. So good for Mrs Blythe, too!

Whenever you finally get these two to open up to each other - (and you *do* plan that at some point, right? you can't leave us hanging forever!) - I hope the dry timber is cleared away because it'll be hot!
7h c20 Fifi
OMG the tension you create is so perfec t, I can't wait for another chapter
14h c20 7wishwars
Oh Gilbert - such a tense, horny boy lol he can’t keep avoiding her forever! Or maybe he can… I’m glad his parents have welcomed her in 3 I just wish he didn’t think so I’ll of her intentions!
16h c20 geekloverlz
I want to strangle them, but you write their stubbornness so beautifully... Thanks to you, I really get where they're coming from, although their behavior frustrates me. Thank you for this story!
17h c20 All4114all
Hilarious, Gilbert in the middle of that reunion and being asked some hard questions. Love the how you describe the tension between Anne and Gilbert, can't wait till they talk to each other, but I guess there is still a long way to go till they realize that indeed they are made for each other and both of them know it.
17h c20 4OriginalMcFishie
I really feel for them both, both in love and not able to communicate it or realise the others feelings. I wonder what will force a discussion and realisation
19h c20 5karol89
I hope, given the whole mrs brown plot, that you won’t have Gilbert have another affair while away in the railroads. He is already OC enough for me
21h c20 Guest
Just realized that Roy's going to know that the marriage is fake since Anne asked him first. I wonder if he will cause trouble for them?
21h c20 Guest
If they think the avonlea gossip is bad just wait til they get back to redmond! Everyone there probably thinks anne's still with Roy. It hurt to see Anne lie so easily about being 'made and meant for each other'! No wonder gilbert's so bitter. She didn't want to marry him for real but she's fine having a fake marriage with him. I'd be bitter too. I hope his mum's comment about the railroads being dangerous wasn't foreshadowing.
23h c20 12previouslyjade
Hahahha oh I feel so sorry for the elder Mr and Mrs Blythe, "awkward sexual tension" as another of your reviewers said definitely sums it up. I believe this is what a wise person on Ao3 once called "less like slow burn and more like two idiots standing about on fire", and I love it
23h c20 BirdieKitKat
Oh my gosh. This was hilarious. I enjoyed the spiteful old cats. I can't wait for the next chapter! What predicament will they find themselves in next?!
23h c20 suzi.scandelari
I wanna see some action!
It’s amazing how you’ve managed to depict the frustration and tension through the narrative.
The update notification still thrills me to no end! Can’t wait for next chapter!
6/16 c19 Regina56
What I like about your writing, FNAJ, is that not matter the subject matter, it’s always within the realm of good taste.
Marilla’s indignant reaction to Gilbert’s kiss was predictable but Anne can certainly speak up for herself. Different time period, I know, but the adult women treat Anne like a child that needs protection.
(I love Mrs. Blythe, though.)
I liked the flashbacks and the way you so cleverly weave back and forth.

FNAJ, I don’t have the words to describe what these 16 months have been like for me. My family is now fully immunized and my community has a high vaccination rate so I feel like I can finally peek out from under the covers. However, this Delta variant that is emerging is scary and I fear for undervaccinated communities. That’s all I will say on that.

You and Kwak seem to kno just when to make an appearance and I’m very grateful to you both.
Over the months I gradually began to shut down emotionally, probably as a coping mechanism. Except for the anger, I was always angry. Angry that so many deaths could’ve been prevented, angry at people who refused to take simple precautions and angry that the institutions and people that I’d always trusted had let me down in a big way.
My libido flew out the window but your stories helped me bring it back, so thank you!

This pandemic has taught me how much of an impact even small acts of kindness to a stranger could give them renewed strength to get thru the day.
If we could thank that person and let them know how much it means perhaps it will in turn lighten their load, and we all have burdens to carry these days!

So I hope I’ve brightened your day a little as well, FMAJ and Kwak and again, THANK YOU!

I’m glad I had you guys with me through this horrible pandemic.
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