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for Once Upon a Time in France

4/12 c4 Guest
Great story. What will be next... please update soon.
4/10 c4 Guest
Wow. Henry alive and mad... great story. Francis arrested and punished, Mary asked to go back to Scotland... what will he and Penelope have in store for Bash and Kenna... Update please soon...
4/10 c4 Maja
I stopped watching The Reign after Kennash and Frary split years ago. Now due to lockdown in my country I start to read fanfic. TV is boring now. I read few story with my both ships and your story is one, which I loveee. I hope you will update soon, because you got me hooked.
4/7 c4 Guest
Ok... you have to update soon I want to read it there are very few frary stories and I can't get enough... please update soon
1/20 c3 elder441
This is getting exciting, poor Francis.
1/16 c2 elder441
This is wonderful and the perfect solution for Lola. That is on situation I never cared for in the show.
1/3 c1 BlerBlerBler
Wow a new Frary story!
Thanks for sharing! I wonder how this dynamic between Henry alive and mad and Francis will turn out..
How old are james and Anne?
I’m following this story hoping for new updates!
1/2 c1 Guest
Great story!

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