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6/6/2022 c2 Guest
Uh... Third chapter, please? I really love this thing.
1/3/2022 c2 Anonymous
Is it Snape? IS IT SNAPE? Ooh, or maybe it's Regulus...
1/3/2022 c2 Anonymous
Hi! So... Are you thinking of updating soon? I'm, like, really excited for the new chapter. Please update? I'd be so grateful to you.
12/15/2021 c2 Raskolnikov
Please continue this! You are seriously talented, and this gives me the same vibes that TLAT does. I hope you aren't going to be hit by some tragedy that'll prevent you from continuing this.

Constructive criticism: Please make their (Jily's) first kiss in the Great Hall, in front of the whole school. I want to see cheers from the Gryffindors... nope, actually the whole school would do. And yeah, old Snivykins can drop his jaw and flee without many people noticing.
Plus, a small argument between Marlene and Adam should happen. Prudence exists, you know. And just out of curiosity, I want to see who Reg will attack. Even better, make it Prudence. Show a scene between her and Adam, with him telling her the truth. The Marauders and Co. could be spying in the background, and Sirius saying, "So, that's a rebound fuck, yeah?"
And finally, a long conversation between Jily, and a small detail Lily remembered about Luke Harper.

A fangirl of Raskolnikov
12/15/2021 c1 Raskolnikov
YOU ARE AN UTTER GENIUS! I was so sheerly disappointed to know that TLAT would remain unfinished. It's been a long year... I started it as a Jily shipper, went through a long Snily phase and am proud to say that I've come back to my senses again. Can't wait to read the second chapter.

Constructive criticism: Please include the Prologue scene! I had a doubt that it was Snape but I'm having second thoughts about it being Luke Harper now.

A random fangirl of Raskolnikov
12/11/2021 c2 Friendly reader
Hello there~ I wanted to give you an enormous thank you for the work you've done and the task you've undertaken. I deeply appreciate what you've written and the life you've breathed into a story who's abrupt end has haunted me for years, and I hope you're doing well!
11/15/2021 c2 Anonymous
Okay, seriously, that kinda made me cry. I understand what TLAT is now, and I seriously LOVE your approach to chapter 37. It is WONDERFUL. I think you're AMAZING. Seriously, keep it up!
10/6/2021 c2 Anonymous
And also... yes, I'm the same person who reviewed the last two times, but could you please inform me on what TLAT is? Uh, or at least the full form, so that I could search it up... I'm really interested about that.
10/6/2021 c2 Anonymous
You'd update soon, now, wouldn't you? Actually, it's only been three months, but... well, if I have to wait another three months for an update, I definitely hope it would be worth it! You rock!
10/5/2021 c1 Anonymous
Okay, WOW.
1. I'm really surprised at the super, super long chapters. You have a lot of patience! I wouldn't have been able to write half of this. In fact, this whole chapter would've been five if I was the writer (not that my writing style is this great or anything).
2. I really like how you don't make Peter look like a dumb idiot. Many people make him look like that, but it's just... he did get love from his friends, he wasn't stupid, he was smart enough, and the only reason he switched sides was because he always wanted to be with the group with most power. He did love his friends before that, though, so I think others should give him more credit. I don't like him that much, but he couldn't have been that bad in his school years. He was smart enough to plot everything, wasn't he?
So yeah. I recently discovered your writing, and I can't tear my eyes away from it! Keep writing!
9/24/2021 c2 4HPRocksMe
This is a great effort. Please do continue ... It aur be real sad if u abandon it too. I really like that you are keeping track of all the storylines. I would really like to see the scene from prologue but that's what in the future I guess. Do update soon.
9/12/2021 c2 FM01
This is brilliant! I love TLAT and this is like reading missing chapters so I cannot wait for you to come back and finally...finally give us all the "missing" moment!
7/23/2021 c2 SemperFelix
My heart is in pieces after this it Jily if there isn't another misunderstanding between them? Amazing work, and can't for the conclusion!
7/23/2021 c1 SemperFelix
Wow, I never expected eight years later to be getting TLAT content but here we are and it is glorious! I want to assure you that this fic 100% captured Jules' tone and writing style perfectly and really feels like it could be the real Chapter 37!
3/21/2021 c1 Guest
Sorry for contacting you here but I don't have any accounts and I wanted to send something to you on Tumblr but your anon ask function is turned off :(
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