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9/25 c2 Guest1139
I have no idea what the hell is going on. It was just scenes upon scenes that made no narrative sense. Where's the story? Who are we following? Who are we supposed to root for? What the hell is going on?
8/15 c8 jc
good work) felt it jumped all over a bit but i agree good ending for a good story
6/8 c8 wanderingwitchelaine
thanks for the story :)
6/8 c3 wanderingwitchelaine
enjoying the story
5/2 c8 3grovepjp
3/8 c8 Kris
Very enjoyable!
3/1 c8 35robert32514
Sequel, sequel, sequel!
1/23 c8 2Wyrmridr
Great story, and an outstanding ending !

Thanks for writing !

1/17 c8 Arthorius

Shame though, seems the series ended with open plot holes.

You have the pure machine pro-humanity race out there, but also the anti-humanity cylon empire led by Cavil still out there even though the colony ship was destroyed, but I think they may have made a backup just in case.

Humanity itself, yet seperating magicals from non-magicals, using the same fear as the colonies of kobol, magicals cylons, normal humans non-cylons. ripe for extinction...
1/10 c8 rbhatt6000
great story
1/8 c8 3Borg Colective
Loved the ending, added to favs
1/7 c2 Preier
So I'm looking at Harry looking at bsg's plot happening?

Bit dubious atm, but wait and see...
1/5 c8 1DarkkLight
This was an amazing journey, thanks so much.
1/4 c8 5War Sage
I got to admit when I saw that you had a Harry Potter/BSG 2004 story I was hoping for a following Harry life on the 12 Colonies then him as a member of the fleet after the fall but I have to admit this is very good, though I had trouble following near the end but still very good.
1/4 c8 gaschalk
What ever the ending you intended;you did great. It took me a while to get into the story and figure out what was going on but then it caught me and carried me along. No I am not sure whether to laugh, cry, or just do both. Thank you for a great story.
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