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for The Celestial God! (Kinda Complete)

11/21 c30 Guest
This is different I like it
11/10 c100 ProditorMagnus
Nice story. It was weakest around ragnarok chapters, but most of the story was enjoyable.
11/7 c2 Gilgamesh50
I get the feeling he is going to be raised to love etc etc
Generic personality
10/6 c6 erozoth
Looks like solid quality novel.
A bit premature but going by the chapter titles and the first 6 chapter I am just not feeling it.
Something so unrelated and hard to relate to in term of timeline.
I was hoping it would be a massive time skip and would be closer to our time.
Going by first 6 chapters its good writing!
10/6 c100 Rggs
Thank you for this story, it was fun while it lasted. Good luck with your other works.
10/6 c23 Cyan-Snake
Yep. I can't stand to read this anymore, this guy is Grade A idiot.
10/6 c22 Cyan-Snake
Wow. Imagine if this guy actually learned anything and let Agamotto handle it from the start.
10/6 c18 Cyan-Snake
This character is a literal idiot, and somehow an angst bomb despite not having a brain to think of anything other than Naruto with.
10/6 c4 Cyan-Snake
Can't read through the ship yet?
10/3 c4 rabcor
man I seriously just can't get into this...
9/30 c100 Guest
AW its dropped the galaxy was super vast too

Also kinda wanted him to juggle 10 Mjolnirs infront of the avengers in the party where ultron is born and say “Im worthy x10 suckers!”

Also maybe he could give 1 Mjolnir to the worthy Shazams on his planet it could be like their second test of character

Kinda wanted him to flex on then Kill The shi’Ar Empire too cuz their like super nazis...they eat the slaves dude why have solar systems that scream akame ga kill with how messed up they are

And maybe fuck around with DC as a vacation, troll Batman and flex on superman by being a shiny bark skined armored supermaan that has actual technique when fighting...and doesnt have a weakness to glowing green rocks

And maybe adopt Reven cuz his dads a Dick and a Satan wanabe!

Flexing on people while looking like a smug wise ruler Woulda been so entertaining bro like overlord
9/30 c95 Guest
I know he got the shazam part from captain marvel...but...couldnt he scream something else? Like Draco Knight of something? Drago? Cuz “Shazam” doesnt really suit him if all he does is become a heavy and shiny captain marvel Without the thunder...I hope he at least gets armor that looks like The destroyer from asgard or Reinhardt From Overwatch...cuz that would be Badass

I know its from DC comics but that name was an acronym from other immortals~ Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury

It would be cool if he had a small aspect of every Induk God tho that would be cool

It would be cooler if he had reinhardt armor when he screams the magic word tho
9/30 c95 Guest
They wont remember theos? Then theos can fuck the goddesses he beded before but with his wife now? I hope so

A couple that fucks past flames to a fuck coma together stays rogether after all!

...maybe he could steal some of them? That would be a nice revenge...NTRing all the Gods...especially hera! She needs a loyal and honest dicking! NTR zeus dude! And save hela from...well, hel

Also it would be awesome if Theos collected the infinity stones (he should take the mind stone for himself tho, thats a lil too dangerous) so he really is secure from demons and the like that wants a piece of him and his planets
9/30 c86 Guest
Make some blades of chaos bro! (but with the monkey kings staff ability to change length)

It aint plagarism if it hasnt happened yet!

And change rock and roll music to “Theos” music...that last one is just so theos is the one to have the domain over rock and roll! His entrances will be epic! His fight scenes LEGENDARY!

his Foes shall bob along with the music while he kills them! His allies will cheer with head bangs! His mortals will do a mosh pit!
9/30 c84 Guest
Ya could just skip the romancing and just skip the sex while leaving an AN that says “cant do romance shit” like what you did with MCs mothers
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