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for The Celestial God! (Kinda Complete)

8/15 c87 28Death Fury
Excellent chapter
8/15 c32 1Damien NightFall
Wait, didnt he say he could sense him before? What's changed? He literally mentions feeling a god with 7 divine weapons and now he apparently can't feel him anymore? Honestly I'm beginning to doubt he actually has Celestial Energy since it seems every Tom dick and Harry can overcome it.
8/15 c30 Damien NightFall
Hell yes! An MC who doesn't immediately tie themselves to the first person to show the slightest interest? Sign me up!
8/14 c26 Damien NightFall
What do you mean you don't give a shit about being on Odins shit list? Just a few chapters ago you were cowering in your boots at the thought of being known by a sky father
8/14 c25 Damien NightFall
The fuck? OK just shit all over Gaea while your at it. She has literally done everything she could to keep you hidden, Hell you even said you didn't want to be known since there are plenty of gods that would do everything they could to kill you! But hey, let's randomly decide to reveal ourselves to people we DONT KNOW!
8/14 c24 Damien NightFall
Surely there is a way to permanently kill a demon lord? If a celestial can die I refuse to believe demon Lords can't.

... So he's going to consciously decide to not learn a very useful spell because its "not his style"?

Ehh this class doesn't seem very useful. Sure a measure of physical strength is nice, but physical might is not the only factor into how powerful one is.
8/14 c23 Damien NightFall
So... Why isn't he teleporting aswell? He can teleport.
8/14 c22 Damien NightFall
Wait what? a sorceress of no renown can somehow easily hide from Celestial Energy? Your power scaling is incredibly weird.

Wait didn't he say they would have to die anyway? That sattanish had corrupted them already?
8/14 c20 Damien NightFall
But what's the point of making him born to two extremely powerful beings if your just going to continously nerf him? You can't possibly want him to be at a similar level of power to canon heroes when the time comes? You would need to completely nerf him, so much that every chapter previous would be useless.
8/14 c19 Damien NightFall
Please don't tell me this cliche of saying something without meaning to continues much longer? It's so painfully cringe everytime it happens.
8/14 c18 Damien NightFall
I mean... Genocide against a species that entire purpose is to bring back a demon that would commit genocide against everyone else doesn't really sound so bad. Also I feel like Gaeas constant hiding of important information is going to be a massive pain in the ass in the future.
8/14 c18 Damien NightFall
What? The strength equal to that of spiderman is the limit of a half celestial half elder god hybrid? I call bullshit. There is no chance that would be the physical strength limit for a being created by two extremely powerful beings. Also continuing in a trend I've noticed, the MC seems to become massively focused when they have a trainer but the second that trainer is gone they stop focusing on training, despite not being as powerful as he wants to be.
8/14 c17 Damien NightFall
You know I just realised that since he is the son of Gaea, couldn't he have also connected to the new planet? That would have been interesting.
8/14 c15 Damien NightFall
Your making his training time for anything be really large, I'm worried how this will work when canon starts and he has to learn something new.
8/14 c8 Damien NightFall
I dont understand. You made him the son of a Celestial and an elder God, yet he was born and continues to be essentially a human with powers. He Is close to like 90 years old and I wouldn't bet on him against captain America. If you wanted to give him a slow power scale why did you make him the son of two extremely powerful beings? Also seriously, 90 years? 90 years should have been more than enough time for him to train and become powerful, but he completely lacks any drive to do anything outside of being told to do it by his trainers.
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