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for The Celestial God! (Kinda Complete)

8/6 c84 LordNimmu
I think you will use the hammer to smith his weapons.

Well, I think we all can like a wise Thor. In fact, I am also not irritated at the development (reveal and banishment) since Theos got the hammer.

As always, in every version Zeus looks like one who is cover his inferiority complex inside superiority complex. At least, unlike Norse, he isn't the sole power in Greek.
8/5 c84 StoneTheLoner
I can feel a time skip coming! Woot! I'm so ready for Theos to tease a young Thor and Loki! Heck, since he's not allowed back on earth, theirs is one of the usual places he should be visiting when he wants to travel, so... Again, woot!


And you know, the way things ended instantly made me think back to a Spiderman song from Daddyphatsnaps. The lyrics of the song are from Spiderman's Pov and they're basically saying "So you don't like the Spiderman? Fine, but what are you going to do when I don't come for you?" Basically the threat of the hero not coming to save you because you turned your back on him. That could so easily be Theos' response!

Like... Another Celestial comes and suddenly everyone wants his help all of a sudden, but he tells them to deal with it themselves. Or he lets the Celestial rough them up for a bit before offering a deal. "Mind your own business and let me back on the planet or I'll let this Celestial continue wrecking your pantheons" or something like that.

I hope you go the Karma route. Rather than Theos looking for revenge, it finds them itself and they have to rely on Theos to survive it... With some groveling of course.
8/5 c84 WilliamAD
Yes, no bloody harems! Finally!
8/5 c84 Dbot15112002
In the future when the Gods need his help(because of course they would) please don't make him help them. He cares about Terra not the Gods in it(except some) so he should only protect the planet and let the gods deal with their problems themselves.
8/5 c84 1runelt99
Does this mean that mcu thor will not have the hammer? Or just weaker replica?

I could see future plot point of thor showing himself worthy and being given it.

If he is banished, how will he help earth during bad events? Can't wait for more Amazin chapterrr
8/5 c84 Trinix8
good chapter
8/5 c84 29Death Fury
Excellent chapter
8/5 c84 Sandford9687
Gaea threat was nothing but false bravado it's obvious that he will go save earth if needed so saying they will regret it is pointless when you will have him come running to the rescue.
8/5 c84 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
I just want to see him throw Mjolnir at next Odin. And be honest. Will Theos actually care about gods' decision.

'I know the council has made a decision but it was a stupid-ass decision so I elected to ignore it'
8/5 c84 Xenozip
huh, I'd have never guessed English wasn't your first language.
8/5 c84 marf7
I can't wait to see the reactions of the new asgard when theos brings out that weapon
8/1 c1 Learn English
Another retard that couldn't be bothered to learn about tenses.
8/3 c5 Osborn123
First of all, the pace of this story is so bloody slow that I'm already thinking of stop reading it even before the plot starts.

Second, this mc is already starting to look a little retarded... Not a good think at all.
7/31 c83 Guest
The greatest mistake you made was making him a celestial with this personality, it could have worked if he didn't have this 'Better Then You' savior thing going on. I don't know how you could prevent him coming off as stupid, childish, and arrogant. Why would he play with food that will (and has) kill innocents after all?
8/1 c83 2The Alpha 100
you made no mistake
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