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for The Celestial God! (Kinda Complete)

9/28 c100 Guest
Welp another story I followed that got abandoned from you
First was the Harry osborn one
Oh well
9/30 c100 1matthawk1005
When you said this story was getting abandoned because you had stretched it too thin, I was very surprised. I could only think of a couple moments where that felt like it was the case and that’s only because it was at times where the expositional information for the arc was said but the action wasn’t quite there yet. The Ragnarok arc comes to mind most like this but that’s the only major time for me.

I caught this story when it was very new, less than 10 chapters. I’ve enjoyed each time it was updated and you churned out such good storytelling so consistently and speedily that I genuinely struggled to add up how you have a life separate from this. To me, there was at best a marginal change in quality with the chapters from the point you decided to end the story with a summary but they were all still great. I don’t know how many you had pre-written when you made that choice but you kept up the story quality even though you had lost the interest in continuing it until it’s natural conclusion. That deserves credit, more than I think it really gets.

When I first started reading the plot was something that, besides some Ego self-inserts or OC brothers of Peter Quill, I’ve not seen anywhere. Not only was this a great plot, it was unique, it was ambitious and you went so in depth with everything that this became one of, if not the best marvel stories I’ve ever read. I’m sad to not see this story be written out in full but life happens and what not, and I still enjoyed seeing what you would have written thanks to the summary so it’s still a satisfying end.

In essence, thank you for writing such an incredible story, any other plot bunnies you have now or in future would be very interesting to see developed, especially if they’re anything comparable to this one.
9/30 c100 Kai Sycaryen
I enjoyed the ride even if it didn't end how you wanted, thanks for the good reading!
9/29 c100 Gon Freaks
dang, you seem to abandon most of your stories. sad to see this one go also, I was enjoying it as it is. No need for overthinking, just a story of a guy fixing shit.
9/29 c100 finkarhu
Thanks for The amazing story
9/28 c100 Naruto420
It was a good story. Sad that it ended so abruptly. But thanks for the summary. Maja aa gaya. XD
9/28 c100 007rajesh1
I liked the story.
Thank you for your hard work.
I was always looking forward for updates.
I hope there will be other fics.
9/28 c100 Dbot15112002
Noice~ Are you going to start another fic.
9/28 c100 Trinix8
loved your story
sorry to see you go but thanx for writing
9/28 c100 Trinix8
oh no
9/28 c100 2HalfmoonSilver80
Thank you for writing this story! Have a great life our there Author! Bye-Bye!
9/28 c100 Kennji
well I really liked it and I must say that every author that can't or won't complete there story should make such an ending chapter because it still gives closer to us reader and doesn't make me frustrated or annoyed
9/28 c98 layettejean
jajaja buen capitulo
9/28 c100 1Joe Lawyer
Thanks for letting us go on this journey with you.
9/28 c100 Moises Garcia Jimenez
Was a good read
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