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for The Celestial God! (Kinda Complete)

9/28 c6 StormySpartan
Good Scatach isn't meant to be a waifu, not counting the Fate/Nash version of her.
9/28 c100 darrelljcook1
Hell, you were looking at a 1500000 word minimum story at the current rate. Thanks for the wrapup as I was wondering where it was all going. Writing good OP is never easy...
9/28 c100 SkullWolfSteam
well im not surpised this ended like it did...i stoped reading this 40 or so chapters in it just got updated so fast and I kept getting outdated URLs on my emails so I just stoped bothering reading this..it was a nice attempt but my god I wish this worked out better maybe rewrtiteing this whole thing? and making it less of a drag but who knows hope you give this another shot some day.
9/28 c100 Jaylen13
You did the best you could. Thank you for writing this amazing story. It wasn't boring it was fleshed out. And you were writing about god's and did it as well as you did.
9/28 c100 Hawkin's Chance
Fare thee well my sweet escape, fare thee well...
9/28 c100 HoojBooj
Great story. Hopefully you don't give up your Harry Potter story.
9/27 c97 28Death Fury
Excellent chapter
9/26 c97 1Joe Lawyer
This was a very enjoyable read with a grand scope. Thank you for sharing it with us!
9/26 c5 TrumpasaurusRex
“As for the toilet, one benefit of being a God, is that you don't need to shit, or urinate. Everything I eat is either somehow utilised by my body, or magicked away. I do miss it sometimes, the feeling of freedom that you get after dumping a big ass load.“

You’re from India, right? This made me laugh so much. DESIGNATED
9/25 c97 Naruto420
Haha. The kree are very scared right now
9/25 c68 Joe Lawyer
He should have probably asked Loki how he managed to track him to his planet. That's definitely something to learn about, replicate, and then devise a defense for for his two planets.
9/25 c64 Joe Lawyer
Theos' perspective on this stuff with the two sisters is very mortal and influenced by modern western culture. Too much time has passed and he himself has said he doesn't feel like that person anymore. So these concerns dont fit the character anymore. Just have a harem of goddesses and be done with it.
9/25 c57 Joe Lawyer
I think I would be more mad at the fact that they created Gods without Theos' permission. They voted and he lost because they outnumber him? This isn't a democracy, he's literally the king. His decision is really the only one that matters when you're king. He should have called them on that BS.
9/25 c97 WilliamAD
Seriously? DBZ? XD
9/24 c96 28Death Fury
Excellent chapter
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