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for The Celestial God! (Kinda Complete)

9/24 c97 1rajeshkont
Cringy... so what.
We all act cringy.
9/24 c97 xXwolfsterXx644
Definitely Can't wait for the next update
9/24 c97 Trinix8
great chapters
9/24 c97 VtrCst
Yay! Long Live The Plot!
9/23 c8 Seraphy64
Theos, 100 years old, trained by Gaea and Scathach, still shit. Naruto, 17 y/O, can fight on par with a goddess.
How embarrassing.
9/22 c95 Pattou59
good chapter
9/20 c94 Guest
Only criticism is the fact that you have a bunch of unnecessary commas. Other than that I love the story.
9/20 c95 reeeee
So it never even got to the part anyone cared about. Wew.
9/21 c81 DCosmicSage38
A fckin a-hole, odin is
9/21 c77 DCosmicSage38
Nunya lool
9/21 c92 Boneless Bigheart
Dang. So said to here that it’s dropped
9/20 c95 Naruto420
I like it. Our hero is happy with his family and planets :)
9/20 c14 LezarioFanficio
Hold on what is ‘pusIs he a Girl?
9/20 c95 27Death Fury
Excellent chapter
9/20 c94 Death Fury
Excellent chapter
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