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for The Celestial God! (Kinda Complete)

3/2 c1 daLmacho98
Its getting boring. The training montage is being stretched to much
3/1 c15 2431101134
nice chapter
3/1 c15 KamiGleen
Well, if he has to fight the likes of Galactus and others he NEEDS to be somewhat OP, but if you're talking about it being too early you can just make him hold himself back purposely to train the control of his power as one type of training? Making him more OP in the future and nerfing him early, well this is it, a good day to you!
3/1 c14 1DanielHimura
I am still not sure what is the problem with overpowered characters. The entire marvel universe is full of beings like that.
3/1 c15 28Death Fury
nice chapter
2/26 c14 AceRoyalty
Did he say Puss?
Isn't he a guy? Or was that just a joke?
2/25 c14 Death Fury
2/25 c13 2431101134
Cool! Nice development :)
2/25 c13 1LordOzzy
Thanks for the chapter.
2/24 c5 Gvagore
You lost me on this one. Your MC is completely unlikeable and dull.
2/22 c13 1DanielHimura
And why exactly are your nerfing his strength?
2/21 c13 Allhailthesith
So it seems like your using comic celestials? So I'm going to assume comic Power levels, and I'm going to say being half elder god makes him stronger than normal and he took that lifeline serum So im going to say half his prime is atleast a mid level celestial.

So atleast high complex multiversal if not hyperversal and it's possible he could even be outerversal in his prime (so infinite hyperversal is his possible half prime) so pretty god damn powerful even in the marvel metaverse
2/21 c12 2431101134
Nice chapter!
2/20 c3 Eins minus zwei
"stop Thanos" Meh... kinda cringe.
2/18 c12 Gio
Madonna name bothers me so much... reminds me of the music hag
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