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for The Celestial God! (Kinda Complete)

1/28 c5 29Death Fury
excellent chapter, I wish you would describe it vaguely
1/28 c4 AceRoyalty
I wish he had a cooler eye color, like god eyes.
1/28 c5 AceRoyalty
Living armor is the best armor!
One that grows with power and self heals is enough.
Defense is of course needed, but to get the best product
it is better to start small.
(Like ring to glove/arm guard -etc...)
1/28 c5 Silber D. Wolf
1/26 c4 Cam.Katarn
Can't wait or more man keep them coming.
1/26 c4 Silber D. Wolf
1/25 c4 welcome007
1/25 c4 Death Fury
excellent chapter
1/20 c1 UNSEEN0NE
Hello are you ever planning to continue on HP herald Story
1/9 c3 Ashborn2271
Gotta learn magic collect the stones, the sword, the armour and make an empire.
1/8 c3 Death Fury
excellent chapter
1/8 c3 scyfly
poop my pants... why not just shit my pants

i wasnt eating anything automatically currently, and i was being held by a woman. so, i was a baby. dude te fuck is this supposed to mean

it seems your english is broken as ever
1/5 c2 Death Fury
nice chapter
1/3 c1 Chryseum
The main thing I would worry about is this god killer being the mc's final boss. If the mc is born in a million years then that would require the barrier that has enough power for a billion to survive about 1% of the expected time.
1/3 c1 welcome007
Hope you change your mind and expand it
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