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for The Celestial God! (Kinda Complete)

9/18 c93 The Kromann
jajajajajaja muy bueno
9/18 c93 Naruto420
Hehe. Our hero ruined everyone's plans XD
9/17 c92 ajarrigo27
While I am sad to see the story end, I honestly appreciate that you're willing to step up and let us know that. I've had a lot of stories that I really liked just stop posting with no feedback from the authors and it's a really depressing time. So thank you for the story, and thank you for being straight with us.
9/17 c92 1LordZarcon
Damn that's such a shame. This is one of my favourite reads. Will you be starting a new fic or just focusing on your other on going one?
9/17 c93 29Death Fury
Excellent chapter
9/17 c92 Death Fury
Excellent chapter
9/17 c1 ApophisX
Well I'm sad this is got abandoned, I always enjoy your stories while they last
9/17 c93 1runelt99
9/17 c93 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
Does this mean we might see PJO in this fic?
9/17 c93 xXwolfsterXx644
Can't wait for the next update
9/10 c84 Naruto420
Rest in Peace Thor (T_T)
9/9 c51 Naruto420
I like it. Hero is getting powerful nicely. Soon he will kick every Jabroni's SS. XD
9/8 c10 Naruto420
Haha. I want to know Uatu's reaction when he comes to know that our hero is like watchers. He watched watchers watching everything by watching movies haha XD
9/8 c5 Naruto420
Mokuton is Awesome Dattebayo XD
9/5 c91 Has All Ghouls
This is so Chuunibyou it hurts.
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