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for Sonic and Eve the Hedgehogs: Revenge of the Iron Dominion

4/29 c1 Guest
Are you going to continue on sonic and eve the hedgehogs series
4/12 c21 14SwanGirl24
When will the next Sonic and Eve story be out?
4/3 c21 Void Reader
It's finally over. One of my most favourite arcs almost over. It was all still freakin amazing. So, Lien-Da didn't go 'boom', huh, surprise surprise. N her letting her Great-grandfather go, just like that? Never knew her to be the grateful type back in the comics. Wonder what she would do when she finds Eggman back in charge n not her like she wanted. Of course Eggman will still keep her as one of his Grandmasters for the sake of his 'game'. N now, things may not be easy for now on. The Iron Dominion broken many things. Broken homes and bones can be repair over time. But broken friendships and broken trust take much more longer to heal.
4/3 c21 Girlbook
Can’t wait for next story of Sonic and Eve!
4/3 c21 7
4/3 c20 Void Reader
I love a good rebellion! Eggman is right. He discovered an essential factor for Mobius. Something I managed to decipher with my own research that even Eggman can never find. Chaos is everything! Sonic being the embodiment of chaos is no literature, his powers, his mind, his personality, his heart, his existence, everything about him screams chaos. Whenever order will take control, Sonic is the key to break it all down. Chaos is an elemental factor for the multiverse to shine. It is chaos that gives us freedom, joy, hatred n destruction to live. Chaos is reason why nothing is absolute. Chaos is why the evil of order will always fall. N if more chaos can fill the air, Mobius will become an ideal planet where true freedom n justice can be realised! N Sonic n Eve will help me achieve that, no matter what. Yes! Chaos is the key to ridding everything on Mobius of evil! N shall chaos will overflow! Dye the world in Chaos to bring all to an end! N to a new beginning.
4/2 c20 7
Oh yea time to kick the iron dominion but
3/30 c19 Void Reader
I smell multiple francise. Now, how r things back in New Mobotropolis? Update soon.
3/30 c19 7
That’s all five clans
Now to take back the city
3/25 c18 Void Reader
Now that I think about it, Sonic n most of the Freedom Fighters weren’t aware of the situation the Dark Legion was in except Knuckles, Espio n Nicole. Wonder how they can save them. After all, the Echidnas were rendered near extinct once, this time will be for good if something is not done. Especially if someone else would want an ‘eye for an eye’ with the Echidnas after this. What beavers?
3/24 c17 Void Reader
I love it. Impressive how u wrote this down. Fiona still serving a significant role in the Destructix’s return n how u try to mellow it out with Lightning’s exile from the Raiju. Very impressed. If the incident you’re talking about was Kudos being poisoned like Uma n falling into that deep ravine to his death, then yes it’s that one. Though this agreement is only temporary so what will the Destructix be doing once this is all over?
3/24 c18 7
So awesome
3/24 c17 7
3/19 c1 Guest
Please continue this story
3/12 c16 myarosado049
When the next chapter?
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