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3/21 c52 LissaP
Rory seems to finally be getting her act together! Yay! Thank you for that!
3/21 c43 LissaP
This Rory is retrograde. I don’t really see this as realistic. Yes, there are issues she needs to address with Lorelei but this childlike immaturity isn’t something I see her husband and friends tolerating. I love odettes character. Unfortunately, Shira is being proved correct. This Rory isn’t the strong, intelligent, driven partner Logan needs. Odette is strong and amazing and an asset. I’m curious to see if you can get Rory to pull out of this tailspin. Lorelei is her own problem and needs to get intensive therapy. The best thing Rory did was start that book so she could get a Birdseye perspective on the manipulation. That was brilliant. Second best was going after Logan. Since then, ... not so much. It’s a wonder odette can tolerate her. Whew...vent over...
2/26 c65 Kellybras
awesome story you are a wonderful writer
2/25 c65 52shari
Anyone who has ad a baby knows how great it feels to have a loved one help you get cleaned up. She has a lot of healing to do but having Evie with her will help. Jess coming to terms with what Celeste’s body has been through. Her hormones all over the place.
2/25 c64 52shari
Such an emotional installment. She has to digest what happened to her medically and needs to see her baby. Poor Jess stretched so far emotionally with his girls on different floors. Logan is a good friend to have. Being a new parent he probably couldn’t imagine being in Jess’s shoes
2/25 c65 jordana60
What a magnificent story. Between Maine and this, I felt like I became a part of their world. I became so invested in their lives and when I realized this was the last chapter, I felt like I was saying goodbye to old friends. Now, you’re planning a sequel, and it’s like I’m coming home. The fact that the sequel will include all the characters is even more exciting. I wish I could help you out with a title, but I’m afraid I have nothing. It could be called “Maine Event meets Leaps and Landings, set a little in the future”, “Rogan, J’Este and company”, or have no title at all, and it wouldn’t matter one bit, I just can’t wait!
2/25 c65 23Rori Potter
2/25 c65 samk91
thank you some much for those stories, I really love them. You have such a great way to show the interaction and relationship of all the characters. Happy to hear that you plan on a sequel! I'd love to hear more about little Evie and Finny.
(But take your time, don't pressure yourself. You don't owe us reader's anything!)
2/25 c65 Elizabeth
I have loved this story so much. I didn’t always review it, but every time a chapter was released I read it immediately. Thank you so much for extending the Gilmore Girls world.
2/25 c65 lucylulu
OMG. good thing you said NO PANIC cos I definitely was.
Loved this story and I can’t wait for your new one.
As I told you I love the four together.
A new RogjeCe story
2/24 c64 9Sondrasr
Great chapter. Soo glad to see Logan was able to get a family room for them. It will make things so much easier. So nice to see Liz concerned and not over the top nuts like she seems to be. Great writing. You are really good with explaining everything.
2/24 c63 Sondrasr
Wow! Such a beautifully written chapter!
2/24 c62 Sondrasr
Glad that Noah seems like he is going to leave it all alone. So sweet to see April, Jess and Celeste all together.
2/24 c61 Sondrasr
Scary that Noah knows or thinks he knows. I do hope he keeps his word. Celeste has been through enough. Oh how I love this story.
2/24 c60 Sondrasr
So glad Celeste and April have hit it off. I love how you wrote april so forward as that's how she always seems to me. Great chapter
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