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for Trails Of Cold Steel IV - The End Of A Curse

6/7 c24 guest
when are you gonna make the hajimari no kiseki story because that is the sequel to trails of cold steel 4, please make it as soon as you can
1/16 c24 23Shunya Toshiki
Well I guess this was a good ending to a good story.

But I have to say there are a few things I don't exactly agree with here.

I mean killing Cedric off like that while the others just watch, yeah that seems a little out of character for Class VII especially for Kurt and Rean.

And I don't exactly like the part of what happened to the Ironbloods. I mean the whole point for Rufus taking all the blame is that both Lechter and Clare will continue to do jobs because Erabonia still need them and both the Intelligence Division and RMP to help rebuild, and I think you've robbed them of the chance to atone for their sins. Especially since atonement, redemption, and second chances are a common element in the Legend of Heroes.

I especially don't like what happened to Clare either, because out of all the Ironbloods she was my favorite and she's on my top 10 of my favorite female characters in the Legend of Heroes series. Especially with the events that happened in Hajimari.

But hey, its your story I was pointing out on what I didn't like happened and what I didn't agree with.

But I can't deny this was a good story, even if you left out some lines from the canon.
1/15 c23 Miss-FortuneX
We're about to see the final chapter. If Alex really going to go through with his plans, then I hope he's going to do it after the day of the wedding. Moreover, I hope he does it in a romantic spot, only just the two of them, nobody else around, to make the scene even more romantic.
1/15 c23 Guest
Now that the battle is over, what going to happen to the people that Alex kill? (Besides the immortals beings that he absorb.) If the game is continuing, then we might see them again in the future.
1/15 c24 Vent-Zxa
What a beautiful ending. When I saw the name of the last chapter, I was surprised. I didn't expect that Rean was the first to purpose since Alex was thinking of doing it in the future.

So Alex became some sort of demigod or a 'semi-immortal' like Roselia to be more accurate since his reason is becoming a demon, he's not a god after all. So he'll be living a bit longer and seeing the future generations, but unlike the immorals he fought, he can still die.

The wedding was lovely though. Rean marrying to Alisa, the girl that lived in a world of science and technology. And Alex proposing Emma, the girl that lived in a world of magic and mystery. (I already posted something like this in your Cold Steel II story.) So romantic, I could cry right now. I wonder what last name they'll be using... Emma Damon or Alexander Millstein. Millstein does fit well with Alex's name.

This is in fact the best OC Trail of Cold Steel story I ever read.
1/15 c23 mysteryfriend16
What a Tale to behold. I am so glad to see Alex become the Demon King of the world to protect And how Ishmelga met his end. I really love this story. I can't wait for the hajimari no kiseki version. Speaking off. When are you gonna do that? And I wonder about the Grandmaster heeding Alex's warning. Or threat.
1/15 c23 HollowXIII
Alexander: This world... isn't going to end here!

They both said simultaneously before starting the battle.
1/15 c23 Vent-Zxa
I really like this chapter. I have to say it kind feels weird how the Divine Knight is praising Alex like that. (Not in a bad way though.) And that they trust the world future only to his hands. (It not like he becomes some sort of god or something, even though his powers are from a demon.)

So, the Demon King of the World is just an alias name, right? Like how Rean is known as the Ashen Chevalier. That doesn't mean Alex have changed to commoner to noble, right?

I wonder what he going to do in Hajimari no Kiseki. (I'm already visualizing him as some sort of wanderer till he encounter the new protagonists before reuniting with the others.)
1/14 c22 Guest
So...whoever possesses Reveilo's power will become the next Demon King? Is that how it work?

Also, now that Alex's back to normal, what going to happen to Revelio? Is he gone for good? Like 'completely' gone. Is it just his powers that's inside Alex?
1/14 c22 Miss-FortuneX
Glad to have you back Alex! I can't wait to see how it will ends. (Also, I hope at the end, everyone will see Alex as 'Alex', instead of being so formal to him once he's king.)
1/14 c22 EngineeredNeko
The first, soon to be Demon King of World, was a demon who done nothing but spend fear and chaos to humanity.

But now, the second, soon to be Demon King of World, is a half human, half demon man who loves humanity and vows to protect it.
1/14 c22 Lunarwolf13VII
Demon King of the World!? That...insane! It a good thing he's friends with the Witches of Erebonia.
1/14 c22 HollowXIII
Wow! PLOT TWIST! Wasn't expecting that!
1/14 c22 Vent-Zxa
I thought that power looks familiar, they’re from Final Fantasy XV! LOL. I can’t believe that this became Alex's destiny. Demon King of Zemuria. I wonder how that going to go!

I can't help but laugh and smile. I'll say it once and I'll say it again. Cold Steel 3 and 4 is definitely Alex's story. (Now I want to make my own Cold Steel story even more now.)
1/14 c21 Vent-Zxa
Wow, I was not expecting Cedric to die like that, especially that Alex using Aidios to determine his fate. I thought Cedric will look back at the stuff he made and realized that he really made a mess in the world, so much that he will accept being one of sacrifice as punishment.
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