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16h c20 49Venquine1990
Excellently done, so I can almost see a confrontation between Sora, Riku and their respective mothers come about somewhere in the near and/or distant future. I have to admit that I usually keep Sora and Riku to just having a mother and Kairi a dad - the mayor - but this works too. And pretty great work on the backstories.
18h c20 Jostanos
Matsuo: *glares at Aulea* Entitled Parent much, _KAREN_!

*sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose* Please don't mind Matsuo's temperment too much, folks.
Both he and I have been watching a lot of r/slash *Insert relevant topic here* videos on youtube lately.
6/19 c19 Alright Then
So this fic is basically shifting everything special about Riku unto Sora. And now anything special about Roxas unto Sora too. Why? Let these characters be unique for crying out loud. And it was way too realm of disbelief that Kairi got a Keyblade before Riku in this. She did nothing to deserve that.
6/20 c19 Jostanos
That second question reminds me of an eye doctor's lens test: "Which is better: #1 or #3? #2 or #6?"

I do not have a preference.

omake?: A bolt of lightning crashes a few yards away from the group with the eerie/spooky version of the beginning of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor playing shortly there after.

"How about a whole new world to live in? A Whole new world to see? A whole new world with brand new attitude.." a cheerful voice sings from the dust left from the lightning strike, but as the figure emerges from said dust the hooded (NOT ORGANIZATION XIII!) being continues more sinisterly "But you still have to slay them all.." Heartless, Nobodies, and more appear in various shapes, sizes, and with unexpected calls "to save that world from.." the being takes off, and throws its robes into the mob surrounding it "ME! Toodles!" the being disappears in a dust cloud formed by another lightning strike that, surprisingly, doesn't also KO its minions.

What does the being look like? Matsuo? NOPERS!
Some one from a particular world? *shrugs* May~be. But _WHO_ that may be is unknown.
6/11 c19 APridefulSin
yep, definitely Donald jinxing it.

and that is really a hard question because I like both forms, I think it's situational? rage is my favourite of the forms in Kh 3. but I also favourite anti. both equally, I can't choose...
6/11 c19 Venquine1990
That was a brilliant way to end KH2. Personally, I don't really think that Anti-form ever really left, I think it just evolved into Rage form, but that is just my personal opinion. Though it is a bit of a shame that they didn't use it in DDD. I can understand why they didn't use it in Re:Coded. Data Sora wouldn't have KH2-Sora's skillset after all.
The Xehanort Saga continues!

Personally, when it comes to gameplay, I prefer Rage form.
6/11 c19 strabimonx
Yeah Sora should continue to learn Roxas' abilities both light and dark. And I personally prefer Rage over Anti.
6/10 c19 Aion27
Very nice chapter. I love that you had Sora defending Riku from Mickey in the Realm of Darkness it was a great touch. I would have been surprised if he didn’t go into Anti-Form around that much darkness even with Roxas’ help. It was also great that you didn’t have Kairi make a big deal about the two of them being together, but I would imagine that being a Princess of the Heart would help with that with maybe subconsciously seeing the love they have for each other. I do hope that you bring the gliders into this story. It would be amazing to see them have their own armour. As for Donald of course he had to jinx everything.

Thanks for the new chapter it was great
6/10 c19 4Wrath Of The Heavens
Rage Form is the best! It's basically a insta-win if your good enough and the bloody footprints are a fantastic opportunity for angst especially the implications of Risk Charge breaking parts of Sora's heart for more power.
6/10 c19 2knightblazer85
I like rage form. Better
6/9 c18 2InuYoiushi
Great story so far, I can’t wait to see what happens next for them.
6/6 c17 Hn
I'll admit to having been liking this story until Kairi got a keyblade before Riku. Like WTF? Why? What'd she do to deserve that?
6/5 c18 Jostanos
Matsuo: *blinks* What did Sora do? Take away Riku's Darkness? Absorb Riku's Darkness? Return Riku to what he looked like at age six?
6/3 c18 Aion27
Awesome, I really loved the way that this chapter went. I feel like you incorporated the fight with Xemnas perfectly into your story from the way you had the things that happened in the game with the feelings between the two from your story. It was just great all around because I sometimes see authors just write out pretty much the entire fight and if I wanted something like that I could just play the games but you didn’t do that and it was perfect. I’m not saying a whole fight would have been terrible but I prefer the way you did it.

Also, the way you had Riku return to himself was very well done. With it being their feeling while together making out that released a bunch of light to restore him. I could very easily say something crude about the light being white but I will hold off and let you think of that yourselves.

It will be interesting to see where you go from here. Maybe the door will appear like in the game, maybe they wander and come across Aqua and leave together, or maybe you think of another way that will surprise us all but I can hardly wait to find out.

Overall, like I said before it was a great chapter and I love this story
6/3 c18 49Venquine1990
Sometimes you don't need outside help to get your life back on track, so to say. You just need love.

Yeah, that sounded beyond cheesy and I don't care.
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