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8/27 c28 2InuYoiushi
Great chapter, I can’t wait to see what happens next for them.
8/25 c27 InuYoiushi
Great chapter, I can’t wait to see what happens next for them.
6/22 c26 InuYoiushi
Great chapter, I can’t wait to see what happens next for them.
4/16 c25 InuYoiushi
Great chapter, I can’t wait to see what happens next for them.
3/24 c24 Deadrose
I hope they can get Yen Sid to change the test, and if not that at least they don't let him blame Sora for what will happen.
2/19 c24 Draculora6
Love this story XD
Hope you can continue to update:)
1/5 c24 InuYoiushi
Great story, I can’t wait to see what happens next for them.
12/17/2021 c24 Jostanos
Matsuo: Awkward...
12/11/2021 c24 51Venquine1990
So is 3D happening or are you planning on some kind of surprise twist? Will Merlin step in or is Cloud going to take Kadaj to stop the old man? Will Yen Sid even listen?
11/8/2021 c23 Venquine1990
So you're throwing a hint of KH3 into the story before KH3D. that's pretty neat.
I'll try to catch up with the rest of your updated work, but my life's been pretty busy these past few weeks. I got a new change to my schedule that takes up a lot of time a week, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to do reading and when other things require my attention.
Just to be safe, I'm going to refavorite this story, in case FF . net fixes their email notification issues.
10/24/2021 c23 Jostanos
Apology accepted, Sci, this chapter is fantastic and a joy to read anyway. :)
Matsuo: Cloud accepts Riku, and Riku has a Pseudo Uncle now! *eye smiles*
10/23/2021 c23 ChaoticInscriber
/This/ kind of thing is what I want to see more of in KH stories~! Connections woven into many Worlds, characters less "MC" with lives and interactions that have Meaning even as we keep our favorite Mains, character-developments actually affecting even the parts of the plots that are still in effect, reaching out to "new" Worlds for creative solutions to problems the more well-known ones have limited options to handle...
The setting has such amazing potential that while we absolutely love the characters it's given us there is so much More to be found...

*headpats Sora and Leon* Good decision-making, warning Cloud promptly. He wouldn't hold Riku's genetic heritage against him but better a peaceful initial introduction than a shock, just in case. I'm glad Cloud has healed enough from his Gaian lifetime to so readily and comfortably accept Riku as a sort-of-nephew and even admit the legitimacy of it before they know each other enough to claim surrogacy. I can completely believe he'd be happy to know Kadaj survived in a way and setting that let him become his own person after everything, especially since that person seems content to not blow shit up or kill people, generally.

San Fransokyo, ahoy~! Allons-y~!
10/23/2021 c23 4597boss
Poor Cloud and Riku.
8/6/2021 c19 ChaoticInscriber
Could training with Roxas' Light abilities help keep Roxas awake and stable inside Sora? Give them more reasons to be interacting and for Roxas to be connecting with the World outside of their Heart instead of falling asleep from sheer boredom and loneliness. It'd be pretty neat if they could keep the things they learnt from each other after being separated. (Sora is too stubborn to stop trying unless Roxas ends up completely and irrevocably subsumed before they find a way.) It'd probably be a lot harder for them to use the abilities that are really more of the other's, after a split, but if they worked on it enough before then being able to still wield a lesser version could be plausible and really neat.
Of course, it's entirely possible that half or more of the reason Roxas wields Light like that is because he's really more Ventus reborn than Sora, and Ventus is pure light due to Xehanort's meddling. Or, Ack, my brain just came up with an alternate interpretation - Roxas as essentially the son of Sora and Ventus (and possibly Vanitas, depending). Hmm... You do have to wonder what Ventus was like pre-split, when he and Vanitas were a single whole person. It'd be kind of neat if that came out to be very much Roxas but with different life experiences...
8/4/2021 c22 ChaoticInscriber
Since the FFVII world seems to have existed at some point in the KHR megaverse, based on the characters from it we meet in the canon and their behaviors, I automatically figured Kadaj was less of a name-only-insert than he first seemed when he started talking so much more about himself and his kin. Back when we first got his POV it felt like he at least had some approximate variant of his canon history to be himself, but maybe only a variant. Now? Now he feels like he might just be an older, more stable later version of his canon self, having been not-dead-enough-yet when their World fell and ending up in the Islands.
(The Islands just prove to be more and more a place that collects survivors set adrift by falling Worlds, doesn't it? Maybe Kairi's origins are only so memorable because of the sudden upswing in how quickly World after World had begun to fall after much more gradual trickles, where most who came from Other get absorbed into the culture as if they were just from "another island" by the time our trio's generation are old enough to notice...)
Weird shit happened to some of his fellow Gaians, didn't it? Like Cloud seeming to possibly have merged with Vincent and/or Chaos. Which I could actually buy if it did, both of them would have been Unusually Powerful Entities on their homeworld but effectively damaged or fractured by some of the senses of other Worlds. I could see them stabilizing each other/themselves by latching on, so to speak, especially if whichever of them initiated it did so because they noticed the other "falling apart" and were actually trying to help only for them to end up Like This because World's Are Weird.

Yeah, free Kadaj so entirely from Jenova amidst the World's Fall, let him lose his brothers to the fall at least as much as any opposition, give him time to grieve and age and Live isolated from all of those triggers... He could be a mostly-decent human being someday. He could even learn to be a decent Dad, eventually, though his initial issues with Too Much Distance before he figures out how to Not fits. Especially since Riku inherited the looks that weren't actually natural to Kadaj - he inherited those from the gene-modification "cloning" process, from Hojo's obsessions and Jenova's infections. Even if he was young enough when it started he has so very little memory to possibly retain, he isn't stupid, just a very traumatized sort of sheltered. I don't think we have an official canon for where Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz's names came from, so if there's even a chance they were the one thing the boys held onto in the labs, plus each other? They'd still be, on some level, aware that they weren't always This. It might just take the Fall of their World and complete severance from all they'd ever known to let them remember more consciously.

Escaping the Fall to another World might have done a lot to Stabilize Kadaj, but even with World Order shenanigans- natural ones, since there is a good chance there wasn't anyone on hand to enforce it on him upon arrival - he'd still end up at least a little... More, than the average human. Given the unusual collection that the Islands have accumulated it might be a lot les conspicuous than other places, so he might be even More than he realizes considering how much... Less, the average human on Gaia was, than these possibly-amnesiac-ish former warriors, heroes, summoners and the like would have as their baseline. He hasn't exactly had a whole lot of reason to be trying to go all out, may utterly lack materia and have not even realized he might not need it here to Cast, and probably has a very skewed perception of "normal", both for his brothers' and everyone else's, or did at first. The lack of Jenova would probably cut a fair chunk out of his "boosts" but the mako doesn't go away as easily and even if it did he was engineered to Enhanced Perfection Goals and that's not just leaving it to the mako and Jenova cells to do all the work. The best of them were probably tweaked on every level they could manage to enhance even their baselines, leaving them still quite ahead of regular humans even with the mako and Alien Calamity stripped.

The logic that while Riku may be very different than any of the Sephiroth clones (Cloud included), inheriting the distinctive Look and some notable talent for anything and everything (as was noted entirely pre-World Fall) strongly implies that he likely also inherited a good amount of their assorted Boosted Baseline, so to speak, is very sound. It could be a Very interesting thread to poke at. Could it have any effect to explain why he transformed so completely, physically? All of the "parts" did, but not all to that degree, and there is a certain thread of... adaptation, parasitic, absorbing-that-which-strengthens, and hiding-in-plain-sight to Jenova's Everything, especially some of the way the "cloning" happened, using a form of gene therapy to transform already living subjects...

(A thought- Has Cloud ever met Riku-as-Riku? Could be an amusing double-take on his part, at minimum, or an opening to poke at Kadaj's background and/or "concerns" for his son's Inheritances. The others don't seem to remember much of their original Home.)
(A little too bad Riku cut his hair so short. It'd be really funny for Cloud to not only double-take, but have a muttered "Kadaj?!" and have Riku be like "You know my dad?". Or Sora or Kairi being the ones who heard it and all "You know Riku's dad?" And then Cloud having to deal with the revelation that Kadaj Spawned, one of the Keyblade Heroes at that, and maybe not wanting to be the one to mention that said Keyblade-Wielders' dad had once been a psychotic near-omnicidal mass-murderer...)
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