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1/26/2021 c4 Guest
Sora and Kairi has to be together.
Paring ether of them with anybody else is just wrong.
1/26/2021 c4 2Yumi Edogawa
Hopefully needing to look after Sora will help Riku remember not to give in to the Dark and Sora won't unintentionally mention Kairi around anyone other than Namine and his friends. Are Donald and Goofy elsewhere in the Castle? Or is this merely a simulation created by Ansem for Riku?
1/18/2021 c3 Yumi Edogawa
Thanks for the update :) I'm curious to see how Sora will handle the situtation when he's emotionally numb and believes he's a Heartless-turned human... once he wakes up. Hopefully Namine will be able to help somewhat without endangering herself. At least Riku isn't alone. Needing to look after Sora will hopefully remind him to keep moving forward and not give in to the Darkness.
1/17/2021 c3 6MaiKanon
Nice chapter! Still wonder about sora when he wakes up. Will he really remember Riku, Kairi and the others, or will He maybe just feel their connection, without any tangible memory to it. Like he knows he likes riku and feel save, but can't really explain it. Especially with Roxas gaining emotions now, and maybe memories too.

Btw, I'm always for Riku/Sora or Riku/Sora/Kairi ;-) it's just too fitting, all things considered.

Keep up the great work! Can't wait for more! :-)
1/17/2021 c2 MaiKanon
Interesting. I wonder how much more of a heartless Sora will be, when he wakes up...
1/17/2021 c1 MaiKanon
Great start! I always wondered about this, because as long as roxas exists Sora won't have a body.
1/10/2021 c2 2Yumi Edogawa
Roxas is going to be very confused to wake up with no memory... Does this mean Sora's nobody has his heart? Is that what's missing? Hopefully Sora keeps control of himself in the Realm of Darkness instead of fully becoming a Heartless.
1/10/2021 c2 2Seth A. Mincberg
Ok... This is a GREAT premise! I have not seen and I love it! Sora's a heartless! Donald and Goofy are alone for CoM! Keep this going!
1/6/2021 c1 ElementalDarkness000
I love the idea of this story. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Maybe a Sora/Larxene pairing since there aren't to many of those.
1/6/2021 c1 4Wandering-Star-777
Sokai and Squall (Leon)/Yuffie would be cool
1/4/2021 c1 PheonixQueen15
I’m a sucker for Sora/Riku/Kairi, or just plain Sora/Riku.

Can’t wait to read what happens next!
1/4/2021 c1 2Yumi Edogawa
Poor Sora. It's always something. Maybe for this one it could be a Sora x Kairi sibling relationship and Riku could be paired with Sora?
1/4/2021 c1 xXxnarusasuxXx
I like.
1/4/2021 c1 ChronoMitsurugi
You might want to give this another once over. Like 99% of it is okay, but you have a handful of minor errors. Like this one:

"Now witness true power!" Ansem called, an aura surrounding him as he floated into the air, his left hand glowing. He plunged his Keyblade into the ground, unleashing lightning shockwaves from the floor. Ansem's eyes were wide with madness and he laughed as he

fought Sora. He swiped the Keyblade down, sending a blade of energy surging toward Sora, who used an Aero spell to protect himself from the majority of the attack.

The last sentece was split between 2 paragraphs.

That aside, I like it. Especially the Neoshadow replacement. I always thought it was kind of humiliating for Sora to be this amazing warrior by the end of the game, but his Heartless is puny and weak? Anti-form is what I had expected his Heartless to look like. Especially since we sort of fight it in Neverland on Captain Hook's ship.
Infact I love all the Drive Forms. They are my favorite part of the entire franchise. And I was sad to see them gone in KH3.

Anyway looking forward to more.
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