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for Knight of Salem

13h c29 Asurayun
No importa si debe tomarse un mes entero, solo mejorese tranquilamente.
15h c29 Ancientgu150
Thanks for keeping us updated Coer. Praying for your speedy recovery.
16h c1 IamtheSilent
I hope everything goes well with your surgery
19h c29 Victor Creeg
Be safe and recover quickly.
20h c29 1Bibliotheca Mundi
Poor Jaune...
8/1 c5 2TheCuriousGuest
Poor Tyrian, how can someone ignore something as powerful as 'Dibbs'? :(

Otherwise, I've got a feeling I'm going to be losing a lot of time now I've found this fic... Curse good writing and interesting plot, can't wait to see how this goes. :)
7/30 c26 Guest
Torture idea.

Grab Adam and jaques swap them(faunus and human) , throw them in a ring, give them weapons, and tell them whomever wins proves the superiority of their race.

Adam would hate to hand humans a win.
7/26 c29 Guest
love it
7/26 c29 Guest
Tyrian naming the new party boat "SWAG" was a complete accident on his part, wasn't it?

Mercury continues to have a pretty decent time of it, now that he has experience with being parented, Schnee legs to ogle, and military ordnance to throw at fish.

Salem hasn't got a clue about how MREs work. Cooking it wouldn't be much of an improvement, anyway. Think she and Tyrian will find out why it stands for Meal Refusing to Exit?

And now she wants Tyrian to training-montage Jaune into a mighty warrior. Play some Eye Of The Tiger, gang.

Raven is, inevitably, in the doghouse. Or birdhouse. Birdcage. Whatever. On the bright side for Mr Birdy there, she's managed to figure out how to talk in beast mode. Well, say a couple of words. At least they're versatile ones.

And there's our answer for Jimbo's cybernetics status. Also our answer for a question nobody asked: his SCHMEAT status, which is "magnum dong". Raven approves, Qrow cockblocks. Ironcock is taking this about as well as could be expected from this take on the generalissimo. Is Mettle playing up? Hi Tsune!

They'll be dunking on Raven for a while yet. Serves her right. Lionheart's reputation continues to mislead his allies. And Nicholas is trying to make contact. Been a while since we've seen him and Hazel.

Nick confirmed manlet. Not that there's anything wrong with that, everyone looks like a manlet next to Hazel.

Feels like only yesterday that it was Jaune watching Tyrian bully Vernal as training and thinking "better her thsn me". How the turntables.
7/28 c29 4gordhanx
Hey man, I know I'm a little late to the party, but I'm glad to hear that your dogs doing better.
7/26 c29 Guest
he will be on guard much more than before because of the attacks from all sides constantly interupting him. the increased enviromental awareness will greatly improve his evasion skills due to his paranoia. it will also likely result in Gillian getting launched by him if she accidentally transforms in the nude in front of him.
7/26 c29 Anonatwork
I f'ing love you man!
7/28 c29 11GenderBender25
So is semblance work gonna be included in this so called montage?
7/26 c29 Guest
Ironwood needs more penguin soldiers, they can be like the Penguins in madagascar.
7/26 c29 Thorson
I am so sorry to hear about your dog. I really don't know what I would do if that ever happened to one of my pets. Idiots, especially when you did your best to warn them. Best of luck and I am very glad your dog's surgery went well.
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