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for Knight of Salem

8/14 c1 55555gosha
Wasn't Salem immortal even before she received spa services from the black god?
8/14 c22 Wicked.A
This story is great
8/11 c9 Wicked.A
In 9 chapters he's been kidnapped 4 times I can see a trend... And it's hilarious
8/10 c8 Wicked.A
Cinder done goofed...
8/10 c5 Wicked.A
Awesome chapter and great story so far, love the haughty tsundere Salem
8/3 c59 10Tri-Edge
Ah, I enjoyed the story. What a relatively nice ending too. Too bad there aren't more stories with the Jaune/Salem pairing.
8/2 c49 Tri-Edge
I take it back, I take it back. This is somehow even more absurd. Salem's "clever disguise" is a clear masterpiece. Almost as good as Ozpin with a coffee addiction and a rifle.
8/2 c48 Tri-Edge
L-O-fucking-L. This has been a trip; I was cracking up every chapter before this but man this one takes it to a whole 'nother level of absurdity. I love it.
7/13 c59 25The Baz
7/11 c43 The Baz
Zack squared…. I fucking lost it. Is that a Wings of Redemption reference?
6/21 c59 4Lukkundantt
oof, no news of winter? shame. Loved the story man, and am here for more
6/21 c58 Lukkundantt
christ, mercury caught me off guard again and now I'm spasming on the floor like a maniac
6/21 c54 Lukkundantt
lmfao love the... reference? to that nursery rhyme jank and gell
6/21 c52 Lukkundantt
jaune has a fucking harem, why did i notice it just now?
6/20 c47 Lukkundantt
man... poor watts
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