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for Knight of Salem

3/28 c59 Lord Matthew
It really is a good ending though I would have expected Winter to still be involved in some way. Diplomat with benefits had me crack up!

Can't wait for your new story!
3/28 c59 ShepardsShadow
I know this was the last chapter and I really liked the end especially since Pyrrha got added to the relationship, but I would love to see a continuation story featuring Isabella when she goes to Beacon. I think you could do a lot with Tyrian and team RWBY as teachers and showing flashes to Jaune, Salem, and Pyrrha and hopefully Isabella's little siblings especially if you decide to give Pyrrha a little one of her own.
3/28 c58 Yuuko Miru
As far as "serious plot, but still funny" Professor Arc was hilarious despite (and in many cases because of) the dire situations Jaune was in. I know White Sheep suffered some tone/communication/beta issues, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I say this to say I'm excited about the new story, and I think it'll be really good, even if it's something you've struggled with in the past.
3/28 c59 kuro yaksha
It was on of my favorite stories of yours. Hilarious, kudos man.
3/28 c59 27Apex85
Sweet and goof for Pyrrha.
3/28 c59 3Onyx Gabriel
3/28 c59 17konbro
I ain't gonna lie. There was so many plot-threads in this series that came out completely meaningless it ain't even funny.
3/28 c59 15Leaf Ranger
Well this ended perfectly. Jaune happy with a happy wife, happy daughter, peace in the kingdom, and pyrrha ending up deciding 'f*** it' and that she should be happy, even in such a weird situation.

This was a hilarious work that I didn't think I'd enjoy because...well Jaune and Salem, but I ended up loving it because of jsut how insane and funny it was at times. Great work. And the ending was just perfect in my opinion.
3/28 c59 NineYetis
Arkos? Kinda.
3/28 c59 Cat Sage
Atleast do a couple of small shorts so we get to see what happens with Blake and her admirers. The comedy potential there is untapped, and has no resolution.
3/28 c59 1deityoftheuniverse
Poor Glynda, she can never catch a break
3/28 c59 4DaDragon562
Loved this ending

And I love how Ozpin and Beacon start prepping for Isabella's arrival

As well as the fact you finally wrote some Arkos inevitably ;)
3/28 c59 Mistroz
Excellent chapter
3/28 c59 3Etermax
, ñ
3/28 c59 23Jedi Alex Colbent
This was a very silly, yet surprisingly heartfelt and sincere parody that I was incredibly happy to have discovered. I now only hope that RWBY in canon has as good an ending, but that’s for another day.

I also wish you and your mother nothing but good health in the coming days. Stay strong.
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