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8/21 c3 RDDash
It's not his fault, he ditched the most important person in the story
8/19 c59 Wicked.A
Awesome story, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm slightly ticked that even after its over we still don't know what exactly jaune's semblance is or whetever it really was him that turned her human...
8/17 c58 5Xyrothor
This story is genuinely one of the best ones I've read so hard. it may abuse the trope of misunderstanding one another but the fact that it is a comedy counters that nicely. I couldn't wait and had to read through it to the end as fast as possible, smiling and laughing more than with any other story. You my god sir created something beautiful and awesome. Thank you
8/16 c2 1Warrof
I'm sorry. I can't. Lol
8/14 c1 55555gosha
Wasn't Salem immortal even before she received spa services from the black god?
8/14 c22 Wicked.A
This story is great
8/11 c9 Wicked.A
In 9 chapters he's been kidnapped 4 times I can see a trend... And it's hilarious
8/10 c8 Wicked.A
Cinder done goofed...
8/10 c5 Wicked.A
Awesome chapter and great story so far, love the haughty tsundere Salem
8/3 c59 11Tri-Edge
Ah, I enjoyed the story. What a relatively nice ending too. Too bad there aren't more stories with the Jaune/Salem pairing.
8/2 c49 Tri-Edge
I take it back, I take it back. This is somehow even more absurd. Salem's "clever disguise" is a clear masterpiece. Almost as good as Ozpin with a coffee addiction and a rifle.
8/2 c48 Tri-Edge
L-O-fucking-L. This has been a trip; I was cracking up every chapter before this but man this one takes it to a whole 'nother level of absurdity. I love it.
7/13 c59 25The Baz
7/11 c43 The Baz
Zack squared…. I fucking lost it. Is that a Wings of Redemption reference?
6/21 c59 4Lukkundantt
oof, no news of winter? shame. Loved the story man, and am here for more
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