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6/21 c58 4Lukkundantt
christ, mercury caught me off guard again and now I'm spasming on the floor like a maniac
6/21 c54 Lukkundantt
lmfao love the... reference? to that nursery rhyme jank and gell
6/21 c52 Lukkundantt
jaune has a fucking harem, why did i notice it just now?
6/20 c47 Lukkundantt
man... poor watts
6/20 c43 Lukkundantt
mercury... belladdona... poison... killing me... with fluff...
6/20 c42 Lukkundantt
welll.,. foot fetish anyone?
6/20 c34 Lukkundantt
twelve inch dongs definitely ironwood somehow
6/20 c34 Lukkundantt
neet salem... it all comes back in a circle
6/20 c30 Lukkundantt
oh my... first time seeing ozpin be the mad guy between him and ironwood
6/20 c27 Lukkundantt
ggAaaaaaaa the tsunnmnnmm
6/20 c25 Lukkundantt
hmm... ironwood definitely watched fma
6/20 c24 Lukkundantt
im drowning in fluff
6/20 c23 Lukkundantt
kyaaaaaa shiiiippppp
6/19 c19 Lukkundantt
good job jaune!
6/19 c18 Lukkundantt
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