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for Knight of Salem

6/11 c1 CrimsonSoul102205
oh God I'm loving this story already!
6/11 c1 CrimsonSoul102205
oh God I'm this story already!
6/7 c59 shirousagi87
Good story thank you!
5/28 c59 royalburrito999
Another day, another story binged.. I need to fix my sleeping patterns
5/27 c59 Guest
Good Shit
5/20 c1 lightweaver89
"Is being stabbed in the chest still an option?" - I have a habit of scrolling to the bottom of the first chapter before i determine if i'm gonna read a story...now i'm hooked. Who could say no to that?
5/19 c59 anakinastronaut
this fic is great, thank you
5/19 c59 9Kolomte'49
Really, what I liked the most about this story is that in large part, before reaching Vale, it reminds me of the story of Don Quixote de la Mancha. Only instead of a 'Knight' Quixote, it's the 'Queen' Salem, with her acting like everyone has to acknowledge her presence and she has her own common sense with which she manages to make things work. Sure, we can blame that on Salem having magic, and Quixote being a 'real' man in the real world. To this, it can also add the moments when the people around Salem (Sienna and Roman) want to take advantage of her, play along and act as if they believe the whole point that Salem is a queen. Only to have it blow up in their faces later. XD
Jaune is Sancho Panza. The sensible person who is forced to follow Quixote on the journey and mostly hurt when he tries to act rightly around Salem and is sometimes compromised in supporting her ideas.
This idea came to me after relating three events: Salem, Tiryan and Jaune interfere in child trafficking (at some point, I understand that Quixote dealt with an abusive father), deal with bandits (although Salem is doing better than Quixote), and Salmen mistakes a machine for an animal (when Quixote mistakes the windmills with a giant). There is also all that detail of the cloth of the maiden that the knight uses in his name at the end ). I do not know if you have mentioned it in any comment or note, and if so, I guess I screwed up by skipping some author notes. Still, I really enjoyed reading this story.
Honestly, the funniest thing about the story is that a JaunexPyrrha moment happens at the end, even if it was prompted by Salem. Though I guess the joke is that by this point, Pyrrha is no longer looking for anyone's approval and has experienced enough of life to seek a real relationship.
Curiously, I think that on two occasions I perceived some paragraphs that seemed to incite other of your stories after this one.
5/14 c1 4Monster King
I really enjoyed the story so is there a reading or watching of this anywhere?
5/11 c59 Arsenal
I honestly thought we’d have a sacrifice fake out where Salem, “sacrifices” herself for Jaune but then it’s revealed that she’s still immortal.
5/11 c27 3Wolfang21
Loved it, especially the Poe reference of Nevermore, also the bonding for Mercury and the Belladonna parents it’s just too wholesome and heart clenching I even shed a tear when he was leaving, Mercury is finally experiencing the love of parents, oh poor Blake might be nursing some well deserved goosebumps on her head from merc for making her parents worried
5/3 c59 4Monster King
Awesome work
4/28 c27 7SardonicEffigy
I dont usually review mid story, but I just had to applaud the Edgar Allen Poe usage in this chapter. Hilarious.
4/27 c24 2OncePondering
love how lionheart also gets the Blister Charisma EX treatment
4/25 c59 Orion B
this aint marked as complete
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