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for Total Drama Act III: Odyssey of Performance

2/22 c7 1Lillaptop
Great chapter! Quite an interesting start to the season; we were given brief duo interactions between each of the newbies, which is great! Certainly, I do have to wonder whether some of these pairs will form an alliance of some sort in the near future.

I gotta' say; the hosts for this season sound like a lot of fun! Misha caught me off-guard for a sec, given her extreme nature regarding profanity haha. Blaineley and Don seem in-character, especially Don and his calm-and-collected nature (compared to Misha lol). Regardless, I do love all the hosts. Each one brings a unique outlook that could potentially stir some chaos in the future. Looking forward to their dynamic!

Now, some of the cast members had certainly caught my eye on first impressions! For starters, I believe Toxa will have a redemption arc. If she's not an early boot, then I would predict a rivalry between her and Mag, given their hostile welcoming during the veteran introductions. Abigail seems like the prankster of this season. Interesting to see whether or not her teasing nature will rub some of the contestants the wrong way. Brandon seems to be cool with her. Potential alliance, maybe?

If Drew continues with the flirting path, then I predict a kick-in-the-balls in the near future lol. Based on Bellona's reaction, I'm fairly certain they will both share encounters quite often. Both of them sound like they will travel beyond merge; however, I can't say for certain where Crystal would place. At first, she seemed like an early boot, but I now believe that she could have an arc of her own that could span throughout the season, as she overcomes her stage fright.

Irene and Luciana sound like villains. But I'm willing to bet that Luciana will be one of those hidden-in-plain-sight types. Both of them sound very fun and intriguing, and I look forward to what you have in store for them! Yves was another that caught my interest. Seems quite mysterious. I wonder what her role will be for the season.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read! Really looking forward to the entire cast of characters. They all seem really fun and unique! Also looking forward to the dorm room interactions! I sense rivalries, drama, and perhaps even alliances! Definitely will be tuning in for the next chapter! Looking forward to it!
2/21 c7 Obsidian Champion

I love the dynamic between Bob and Abigail, I can sense them going into a friendly rivalry XD.

Everyone in this cast is super colorful right now. Don't have too much other predictions as of late, but I've already predicted a few first boots in the server because Idk.

See ya
2/21 c7 1Ecliptic Plasma
Woohoo, the first episode is here! I love everyone here so far and pairing up Irene and Gordoff was a genius thing to do, I really liked their interaction. XD

Speaking of Irene, I actually expected her to get some hate similar to my OC Pierre in Act II but I don't think that's the case. XD I doubt that she'll make it far though compared to both Pierre and Faith in the earlier seasons. XD

Good job with this! Can't say too much as of right now, but I can't wait for the next!
2/21 c7 1Musical Essence of Runa
We actually have part 1 of the first episode! I wonder how everyone will fare out in this season. I think I will have to wait on Part 2 until I could give my opinions for each contestant but I already have some theories with possible friendships, rivalries, and relationships and I've already stated on the Discord server. (Don't clown me, huhuhu)

As for my character, you are doing a great job with him so far even if he barely said anything. XD I can't wait to see what direction you'll be taking him!

Good luck! :D
2/21 c7 lordgemini
- Spoilers incoming -
Ok, loved it. In general it was a great episode. There were surprises (Like Chris not in the host cast) All characters had their moment in the spotlight.

Making the veterans first and not giving them small scenes feel right gives the newcomers a sense of uniqueness and lets the veteran some mystery for those like me that hadn’t read Act II. Also, make it before introducing the characters, let us see them in a different light from the audition tapes.

So far Crystal is my favorite. She gave me a lot of Edgar vibes, even her birthday. Then Irene is also one of my favorites. She is such a large ham and is really ambitious. Gustav is still up there but Drew got a lot of points, same as Fabio.

All were cool, but I just wanted to mention the top to not do the review too long :D

Edgar so far so good. I’m sure he is happy avoiding sharing room with some of the most outspoken members of the cast. Sadly Julian is there T_T

Finally the Line “We'll do it next time, I'm already tired” made me laugh a lot, it was Brea or you the one saying that line ;)

Very good beginning, eagerly awaiting for the next one.
2/20 c7 Gucci Mane LaFlare
Good job!
Vanessa is being written good, I can tell that she's really only back cause her contract said she had to. That's exactly how she'd feel. And I didn't even realise she's the oldest of the whole cast.
2/20 c7 4TheUnchartedHollow
That was a lot of reading to do there, but I really like all of the characters so far. I like how Crystal was, but I don’t think she stutters that much when she’s nevrvous, more like stumbling with her words. Sorry, that’s a little bit much isn’t it? Anyways, Gustav was cool, and I also liked Sara as well, even though she didn’t have much dialogue. Anyways, can’t wait to read the next chapter!
2/20 c7 10Tempokeep
Great opening! Throwing everyone around the place was a great way to start getting some interactions going. I'm also interested to see Abigail's reaction at Jacob being an intern. Also, speaking of people who know each other, I'm really interested in Bellona and Therion. I guess I'll have to see what happens.

For portrayal, Abigail's pretty much right where she needs to be, aka living in a constant state of chaos. I think you got her chaotic yet bubbly personality done really well. Good luck on this and Act II!
2/20 c7 6TheGreatGolem
Well color me impressed already. Gustav's energy is clearly being shown here and I love it, nice first chapter! Can't wait to see the teams!
2/11 c6 lordgemini
- Spoilers incoming -

And the cast is here, honestly I’m surprised about the variety and some weird similarities between members, 2 had their introductions in bars, 2 in the kitchen and 3 in theater. I really like the cast.

Of the second group, my favorite was Blake. She is awkward but I enjoy a lot her style, I also liked Gordoff, but Blake used the kitchen in a smarter way :P

The rest was also good. Luciana seems like a competition to Tess for the oddball. Still, Luciana is more dangerous (directly). Bellona honors her name as the Greek war goddess. Drew gives really great villain vibes. Bob is really interesting (why bob) I like him. Yves didn’t show a lot besides her act (that was really cool) I suppose, because she is a trainee.

So 20 contestants and only one can get the prize, I’m really eager to see what you have prepared.
2/11 c6 4TheUnchartedHollow
And now the host is revealed, which is my rockstar Misha. Glad that all of the campers are revealed, and I want to wish the best of luck to everyone. Also, if there is more chaos this season...then I don't know, I guess that's fine and all. Anyways, see ya.
2/11 c6 10Tempokeep
Ah! The humility to bring Jacob Ferdinand Nearson down to a mere intern! What impudence! Jk, I think making him an intern will slap some common sense into him though, and that also puts him in a prime targeting spot to be bullied by the hosts and Abigail. Maybe that'll teach him something.

There's a lot of neat faces here, I think Blake is the most interesting to me out of this bunch. Misha being a co-host is surprising to me, I didn't catch that in Act II. There's bound to be a lot of chaos here, I'm excited to see what happens!
2/10 c5 3Musical-Total Drama Nerd
Okay, firstly I am sooooo grateful for accepting Jeremy! I am interested how you will portray him in this fic and I'm gonna soon start reading your previous one in order to get into your style of writing. Also I hope that you will like him as much as I like Jared, your character.

As for the others, I am really interested in that possible Jeremy/Fabio rivalry that Don had mentioned. As for others I'm pretty interested by Irene and Gustav but also by Tess and Sara, since those two I have seen in others stories as well.

Can't wait for the rest of the cast and the first episode.

Good luck with writing the story 3!
2/8 c5 6TheGreatGolem
Excited to see Gustav making his debut, thank you for accepting Him! Can't wait for this to start!
2/8 c5 1xxPrincxssxx
Yay, really excited that Sara was acceptedCan't wait for the story to start. And yeah, haha she does have kind of the generic bad girl vibe, hopefully that doesn't translate to an early boot tho lol
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